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Acetic acid butyl ester CAS 123-86-4

  • Acetic acid butyl ester

  • C6H12O2

  • 180KG/drum

  • colorless liquid

  • 123-86-4

CAS NO.123-86-4
Aliasn-Butyl acetate
Molecular FormulaC6H12O2
Appearancecolorless liquid
UN NO.1123
Butyl acetate is produced through the esterification of acetic acid and n-butanol using an acid catalyst. The chemical equation is CH3COOH + C4H9OH → CH3COOC4H9 + H2O. After the reaction, butyl acetate is separated and purified from the mixture through processes like distillation. The final product undergoes quality control before packaging and distribution. Butyl acetate is a widely used solvent in coatings, paints, adhesives, and fragrances.

Butyl acetate is extensively used in coatings, paints, and adhesives as a solvent, facilitating smooth application and rapid drying. Its fruity fragrance makes it valuable in the fragrance industry for perfumes and colognes. Additionally, it aids in pigment dispersion and ink flow in printing inks. Industrial cleaning products utilize it as a solvent for grease removal. In chemical manufacturing, it serves as a reaction medium and solvent. The automotive industry employs it in coatings and finishes to enhance performance and appearance.