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Advantages of Lithium-Metal Anodes

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Rechargeable lithium metal batteries have been the subject of intense research for decades and now they seem closer than ever to reaching the market.But why are lithium metal anodes so popular in battery science? Here,we'll try to shed some light on the excitement surrounding lithium metal.

Why Lithium?

Many elements can be used to recharge batteries.So,what makes lithium so attractive for electric vehicles?

  • It is light and small lithium metal

  • Lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table and can store large amounts of energy relative to its mass.Lithium is part of a group of elements known as the alkali metals, which share several properties they're all soft,have a low melting point, and are highly reactive.Because lithium atoms have less mass than atoms of other elements,it is an excellent material for use cases where weight and size matter,such as consumer electronics or electric vehicles.Compare this to sodium (Na), the next element in the alkali metal family: Na has about three times the mass of lithium.Because of this, sodium-based batteries have always been at a significant disadvantage in terms of energy density.

  • It is generous with electrons.

  • Alkali metals give up electrons easily, while lithium has the lowest reduction potential in this group.This means that lithium-ion batteries have a relatively high voltage compared to other types of batteries, and higher voltage means more energy is stored.

  • There are many.

  • Lithium is abundant:There is enough lithium in the earth's crust to make 100 million electric cars a year for the next billion years.It is roughly as common as chlorine,found in everyday table salt (sodium chloride).Like chlorine, lithium is commonly found in salts, clays, hot springs and even seawater around the world. Lithium is rarely found in high concentrations, so collecting it can be tricky, but better, greener methods are being developed and deployed.Furthermore, lithium, like many other metals, can be recycled to make new batteries.

Why Choose a Lithium Metal Anode?

There are several options when it comes to selecting anode materials for lithium-based batteries.The most important properties of an anode material are its capacity and voltage, which together determine its overall energy storage capability.When it comes to EV battery anodes, there are three main contenders: graphite silicon and lithium metal.Lithium metal is the winner in terms of energy density but each material has its challenges.

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