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Burst! 46 containers of MSC container ship fell into the water

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A container ship named "MSC SHRISTI" with a capacity of 4738TEU in the Mediterranean Sea suffered severe weather in the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in 46 containers being lost. The Bermuda Maritime Operations Center (BMOC) said that the container ship, which was built in 2005 and flew the Liberian flag, fell into the water about 350 nautical miles east of Bermuda on its way from Boston to the Dominican Republic on Friday.MSC ship -Yuanfarchemical

According to the track and AIS records, the container overboard occurred in three different time periods from March 1 to 2. The ship arrived at the port of Caucedo in Dominica on March 5, and left for izmir in Türkiye on March 6. Fortunately, 46 containers that fell into the water were empty. At the end of December and the beginning of January last year, the ship was attached to domestic ports such as Dachan Bay, Ningbo Zhoushan Chuanshan Port and Shanghai Yangshan Port.

Last year, the World Shipping Council (WSC), a Washington-based liner organization, launched a three-year study after its report from 2020-2021 showed that the number of lost containers at sea increased sharply. The average number of lost containers fell into the water in the past two years was 3113, compared with 779 in the previous two years.

Last September, MSC also signed a contract with Det Norske Veritas DNV to install new anti-roll auxiliary system and ARCS (container ship anti-roll) additional marks on about 100 ships to minimize the risk of container falling overboard. The contract covers dozens of new ships, ships in operation and ships to be built, ranging from 1800 TEU to the largest of about 24000 TEU.

It has been a tense week for the liner giant based in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to the severe weather that caused the container vessel MSC SHRISTI to fall overboard, its container vessel MSC Istanbul, with a capacity of 16652TEU, briefly ran aground and anchored on the Suez Canal on Sunday, resulting in a navigation ban on the northbound waterway for more than 10 hours, although it did not cause extensive congestion.

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