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Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5

  • 1596-84-5

  • Daminozide(B-NINEB9)

  • C6H12N2O3

  • 25kg/drum,or as you request

  • White Powder


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Daminozide 1596 84 5 Information

CAS NO. 1596-84-5
Alias Succinic Acid 2,2-dimethylhydrazide
Molecular Formula C6H12N2O3
Appearance White Powder
Assay 99%Min
UN NO. 2588
HazardClass No Referrence
PackingGroup No Referrence
Package 25kg/drum,or as you request

Daminozide B-NINE Technical Data Sheet

Daminozide( B-NINE/B9)

Standard Implementation: Q/HTY 001-2018

Inspection Items Specification
Appearance White Powder
Assay Min95%
Heat Loss(wt%) Max 1.0
Water Insoluble(wt%) Max 0.1
Hazen Colour(hazen) Max 70

Succinic Acid 2 2 Dimethylhydrazide Storage

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Protect from direct sunlight. The package is sealed. Should be stored separately from oxidizing agents, acids and bases, and should not be mixed. Equip with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire fighting equipment. The storage area shall be provided with suitable materials to hold the leakage.

Daminozide(B-NINEB9) CAS 1596-84-5 price-Yuanfar Chemical

Daminozide B9 Application

Daminozide( B-NINE/B9),As a plant growth retardant, daMinozide has various applications as dwarfing agent, fruit-setting agent, rooting agent and preservative agent. After treatment, plants can absorb, transport and distribute to various parts of the plant. The initial effect of B9 is to inhibit the synthesis of auxin, inhibit the transport of auxin in plants and the biosynthesis of gibberellin. It can also delay the senescence of leaf lettuce, inhibit the decay and discoloration of mushrooms, and has less effect on green cauliflower and stone cypress. In addition, daMinozide preserves chlorophyll in plants and prolongs the life of some perishable vegetables.