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Dinitrogen Tetroxide CAS 10544-72-6

  • 10544-72-6

  • Dinitrogen tetroxide

  • N2O4


  • Red-brown liquid


Dinitrogen Tetroxide CAS 10544-72-6 Chinese manufacturer

Dinitrogen Tetroxide Information

CAS NO. 10544-72-6
Alias Nitrogen Tetroxide; Di-nitrogen Dioxide; Dinitrogen Tetraoxide; Dinitrogen Tetroxide;    Nitrogen Oxide (N2O4); Nitrogen Tetraoxide;
Molecular Formula
Appearance Red-brown Liquid
Assay 99.5%Min
UN NO. 1067
HazardClass 2.3(5.1+8)
PackingGroup Suggestion According to UN NO.
Package Cylinders

Dinitrogen Tetroxide Gas Technical Data Sheet

Dinitrogen Tetroxide

Standard Implementation :Q/LTHGF J06170-2019

Inspection Items Specification
Appearance Red-brown Liquid
Assay % (N2O4)  (m/m) Min 99.5
Density(15℃)  (g/cm3) 1.458±0.003
Equivalent Water%  (m/m) Max0.15
Particulate Matter  (mg/l) Max10

10544 72 6 Dinitrogen Tetroxide Storage

1. Should be stored and transported separately from flammable and combustible materials. Transport should follow the prescribed route, do not stay in residential areas and densely populated areas. Transportation equipment shall not enter the storage room.

3. Light loading and unloading should be done during storage and transportation to prevent damage of cylinders and accessories.

Extinguishing agent: dry powder, carbon dioxide. Do not use water or halogenated hydrocarbon extinguishing agent to extinguish fire

Dinitrogen tetroxide CAS 10544-72-6-2
CAS 10544 72 6 Application

Dinitrogen Tetroxide,as one of the most commonly used storable oxidants, it can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of nitric acid, anhydrous metal salts and nitro coordination complexes. Used as an oxidant, nitrifier and an inhibitor of acrylate polymerization in organic chemistry. In the military industry, used to make explosives