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Learn Everything about Sodium Methoxide

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Sodium methoxide is a solid chemical compound that is either white or colourless in appearance. It is use in industries as a reagent. It create by removing hydrogen (H+) proton from Methanol.

The name Sodium methylates likewise recognizes this substance.

Sodium Methoxide

Sodium methoxide Physical Properties

It is a colourless chemical substance. It is mainly locate as a powder in the solid type. This substance has no smell. It has hygroscopic residential or commercial properties. The specific gravity of this substance at a temperature of 20 °C is 1.1. The Refractive index for this chemical material is 1.3700.

Prep work of Sodium methoxide

Sodium methoxide develop by treating methyl alcohol with sodium. It is stood for the following reaction.

2Na + 2 CH3OH → 2 CH3ONa + H2

The solid crystals of this chemical substance are polymeric. They all have Na+ facilities arranged in sheet-like ranges, and each is combine with four oxygen centres.

It is essential to consider the nature of the solvent utilize while identifying the structure and pKa worth or the basicity of this chemical compound. In DMSO, Sodium methoxide has a fuller ionization reaction and is likewise devoid of any hydrogen bonding. It has hence a more powerful pKa value or basicity in DMSO.

Sodium methoxide from Sodium hydroxide

It can stem from Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) by responding to NaOH with Methylene. This reaction happens in the following means:

2 NaOH + 2 CH2 → 2 CH3ONa

Sodium methoxide Reactivity

The compound is usually steady under typical pressure conditions and average temperatures. Nevertheless, it can respond violently when found in contact with water, air, dampness or steam and may blow up or stir up. It creates Sodium Hydroxide and also Methanol in reaction with water. Methanol or Methyl Alcohol is a flammable fluid. Therefore, ensuring that the container saving CH3ONa is constantly kept dry is essential. The product is likewise highly combustible when available in contact with acids and chlorinated solvents.

This reaction is highly exothermic; naturally, ignition is possible. The service of Sodium methoxide is anaemic in hydrogen. This remedy is a source of Sodium methoxide, yet the chemical can likewise be drawn out from this remedy by evaporation through the application of warmth. This eliminates the recurring methyl alcohol and leaves the Sodium methoxide in the container.

The solid crystals of CH3ONa respond with water to create a hydrolytic reaction. Readily gotten examples are highly polluted with hydroxide impurities.


Sodium methoxide itself is not flammable. Nevertheless, it can break down drunk of heat and create hazardous and harsh fumes. It can also be an oxidizing agent and spark combustibles like wood, oil, paper or clothes. Containers keeping CH3ONa might take off drunk of heat.

Sodium methoxide in Methanol

This compound is a hazardously caustic solid base. It can cause shedding feelings in the skin as well as the eyes. Inhaling the dust may cause severe wellness damage. It is additionally ignitable and also responds violently to water. The substance also results in terrible explosions on reacting with alcohol, acids, oxidizing agents, and various other solvents. It is therefore strongly suggested that a remedy containing 25% Sodium methoxide is used while preparing the material in methanol reagent, offered such an opportunity is readily available.

Sodium methoxide Uses

Provided listed below are some uses for this compound:

Makes Use Of in Organic Chemistry

Sodium methoxide is taken into consideration to a strong base. It is thus regularly used in natural chemistry to synthesize numerous chemical substances such as drugs and agrichemicals. Likewise, it is use as a base in aldol condensations and dehydrohalogenations. It works as a nucleophile in the production of methyl ethers.

  • Uses in Drug Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the power of this substance is used in the manufacture of important like

Vitamin A1

Vitamin B1

Trimethoprim (TMP).




  • Utilizes in Biodiesel Industry

In the Biodiesel Sector, it serves as an essential feature as a catalyst. Biodiesel is produced from fat triglycerides. These fatty acid triglycerides are mainly stemmed from pet fats and vegetable oils. Transesterification of fat triglycerides with Methanol generates fatty acid methyl esters or Popularities. Sodium methoxide is utilized in this chain reaction as a driver.

Some other uses of CH3ONa are as follows:

  • It is used as an edible stimulant along with an analytical reagent.

  • CH3ONa is made used to launch anionic enhancement polymerization of ethylene oxide. This generates a polyether having a high molecular weight.

  • It can likewise use for processing edible oils and fats and in the prep work of various other chemicals.

  • A small amount of this substance is utilized in the manufacturing of chemicals.

  • The material is used in the Wittig response even though it is a weak base than Butyllithium. This is since the pKa of alpha hydrogen in a Phosphine oxide compound is sufficiently reduced. This permits the combination to deprotonate them.

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