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What is Cyclohexanone Used For?

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Cyclohexanone is a clear, pale yellow, or sometimes colorless, chemical liquid that is used as an organic solvent for many purposes. Some say it has a minty, acetone odor. Others describe the odor as pleasant. There are still other people who say the chemical has no odor.

The chemical occurs naturally in crude oil but is also manufactured synthetically. It is the key ingredient in the production of nylon. There are numerous health risks that come with exposure to cyclohexanone.

Although large quantities of the chemical are produced and used annually, there is a replacement for the chemical that is not hazardous, is made from sustainable products, and performs as well as, or outperforms, cyclohexanone. Health risks to the replacement are essentially nonexistent.

The chemical solvent is also known as Anone, Cyclohexyl ketone, and Pimelic ketone. The first known chemical experiment that resulted in the discovery of cyclohexanone was in 1909.

Cyclohexanone is a chemical that mixes well with most other organic solvents. It is found in a variety of consumer products. Some products where it can be found include:



Cleaning and furniture care productsCyclohexanone



Photo chemicals

Polyesters and synthetic resins

It is also used as a solvent for:

Cellulose acetate

Crude rubber




Polymers and copolymers


Spot removers

l Waxes

The chemical is also found in the manufacturing of antihistamines and herbicides.

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