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What is DMC?

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Introductions of DMC CAS 616 38 6

Recently, Hualu-Hengsheng ,Dimethyl carbonate, amide and nylon new materials project (300,000 tons/year) caprolactam and supportingDMC for sale - Yuanfarchemicals devices were completed and put into operation in only 12 months and 19 months respectively, a successful start-up and the output of excellent products, the fastest construction within the start-up and the best results of a new record. It marks that Hualu-Hengsheng has made a new significant step in the field of high-end chemical new materials and new energy, and is another significant achievement of the strategy of "high-end local, new branch in different places".

In recent years, China shandong Hualu-Hengsheng always adhere to the "innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing" new development concept, continue to build chain, chain, chain extender, chain, increase investment in new energy, new materials project, to speed up the transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment, always throw one into a good situation, constantly promote the development of high quality to a new level. The production of dimethyl carbonate project is a high value-added project extending to the field of new energy batteries. With the application of independently developed new process and new catalytic technology, it can produce 300,000 tons of high-quality dimethyl carbonate per year. After the next step of renovation and expansion, it can reach the annual capacity of 600,000 tons of dimethyl carbonate, 300,000 tons of methyl carbonate, 100,000 tons of diethyl carbonate, etc., forming a more perfect matrix of new energy products. Amide and nylon New material project (300,000 tons/year), with a total investment of 4.98 billion yuan, is the preferred project of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province and the key project of the province in 2020. It is also the first project of Hualu Group based on polyamide and nylon new material, with an annual output of 300,000 tons caprolactam and 480,000 tons ammonium sulphide. The follow-up nylon slicing device of 200,000 tons is currently under construction and is expected to be put into production in the first half of next year, which will further expand the product structure of new materials and extend the industrial chain.

Next, Hualu-Hengsheng will continue to be in accordance with the "priority to environmental protection and production capacity of concentration and intensive economic, technology integration, international standards, intelligent manufacture" and so on six big park construction requirements, overall good headquarters base construction operations and jingzhou, strong into the new energy, new materials industry, promote enterprise development to a new level, high quality and innovation.

As a close partner of Hualu-Hengsheng, Yuanfar chemical will continue to give full play to its advantages and cooperate deeply with hualu-Hengsheng to provide better service for customers at home and abroad.

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