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Benzonitrile's application fields

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Used to prepare a high voltage electrolyte containing benzonitrile additive

CN201810259219.1 provides a high voltage electrolyte containing benzonitrile additive and its preparation method, forming a dense, uniform and low impedance protective film on the surface of the positive electrode material. It has the advantages of stable structure, reliable effect, simple method, simple operation, small amount of addition, and practical economy. The invention provides the following technical scheme: a high voltage electrolyte containing benzonitrile additive, which comprises the following raw materials: cyclic carbonate, linear carbonate diethyl carbonate, methyl ethyl carbonate, inorganic conductive lithium salt and additive benzonitrile, and is in the following proportion by mass: 1-3 portions of cyclic carbonate, 1-2 portions of linear carbonate diethyl carbonate, 1-5 portions of methyl ethyl carbonate, 1 portion of inorganic conductive lithium salt and 1 portion of additive benzonitrile.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect of the invention is that the high-voltage electrolyte containing benzonitrile additive and its preparation method can improve the high-voltage performance by adding benzonitrile additive, and a dense, uniform and low impedance protective film can be formed on the surface of the positive electrode material during the battery cycle. The protective film can inhibit the oxidative decomposition of the electrolyte solvent, while maintaining the structural stability of the positive electrode material, and the effect is reliable, Adding high voltage functional additive benzonitrile to improve the stability of lithium ion battery under high voltage is simple, simple, practical and economical.

Catalytic hydrogenation of benzonitrile to benzylamine

Benzylamine is mainly used in rubber and plastic industries. With the increase of global demand for rubber and plastic, the amount of rubber and plastic curing agent consumed each year will also increase. According to incomplete statistics, at present, the annual consumption of epoxy resin in China is about 100000 tons, requiring about 25000 tons of various curing agents. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the annual consumption of epoxy resin will be more than 120000 tons, Benzonitrile distributors - YuanfarChemicalsrequiring 30000 to 35000 tons of curing agents, of which 65% - 70% are amine curing agents. Therefore, aniline has a broad market. CN201410785310.9 provides a new method for catalytic hydrogenation of benzonitrile to prepare benzylamine. The method has the advantages of high activity, high benzonitrile conversion rate and high selectivity of benzylamine. In order to solve the above problems, the technical scheme adopted by the invention is as follows: a method for preparing anisidine by catalytic hydrogenation of benzonitrile, which includes that the raw material of benzonitrile and hydrogen enter a fixed bed reactor, contact with the catalyst, and generate a product including anisidine; The catalyst comprises an active component, a support and a cocatalyst, wherein the active component is palladium, the support is aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, molecular sieve or active carbon, and the cocatalyst is selected from at least one of Ba, Ca, Fe, P, B, Ti. The catalyst of the invention has high and stable catalytic activity, the conversion rate of benzonitrile and the selectivity of benzylamine product are also significantly higher than those of the existing similar catalysts, and can react at lower temperatures and pressures, which is in line with the effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction; At the same time, the catalyst preparation process is simple, with good repeatability and good technical effect.

(1) Intermediates used in the manufacture of benzomelamine, synthetic pesticides, fatty amines and benzoic acid; It can also be used as solvent, antioxidant, dye solvent and dye auxiliary.

(2) The quality of melamine plastics can be greatly improved by preparing benzyl melamine from benzonitrile and dicyandiamide under alkaline conditions. The benzyl melamine resin further prepared from benzyl melamine can be used for coatings, adhesives, laminates and molding materials.

(3) Benzonitrile is hydrolyzed to obtain benzamide, and then benzoic acid is prepared, which can be used as an organic intermediate of plasticizer, coating and polymer.

(4) After benzonitrile is reduced, benzylamine can be prepared and used as pharmaceutical intermediate.

(5) Benzonitrile is emulsified with non-ionic surfactant, and its emulsion is dyeing auxiliary.

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