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  • DMF price is high because of supply and demand

    After the DMF(N,N-Dimethylformamide DMF CAS 68-12-2 ) price hit a record high this year, although it has experienced two corrections, they are not sustained and the range is not deep, and the overall level is still high.

  • China boosts production to ensure energy supply

    At the beginning of 2020, China adopted a market-based electricity price mechanism composed of benchmark and fluctuating prices. The benchmark is determined by the on-grid price of each region and the fluctuation was originally set between 10 percent higher and 15 percent lower of the benchmark.

  • China is ready to boost new energy amid rationing

    Amid public concerns over the current electricity rationing and power shortages in some provinces in China, the National Energy Administration (NEA) has issued management guidance for the new energy industry.

  • China's power supply tightens as winter dawns

    Nationwide power curbs, caused by many factors including a steep jump in coal prices and surging demand, have led to side effects at Chinese factories of all kinds, with some cutting output or halting production entirely.

  • National Day is coming

    National Day is a national holiday established by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the country's independence, the signing of the constitution, the birthday of the head of state or other significant anniversaries.

  • What are peak carbon and carbon neutral?

    In 2020, China proposed for the first time that "China will enhance its nationally determined contribution, adopt more effective policies and measures, strive to peak co2 emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060".

  • The impact of electricity curtailment on prices in the chemical industry

    "Power rationing" began sweeping China's major provinces, leaving many factories unprepared. It is understood that from September 22, a number of provinces began to cut off electricity, shaoxing, zhejiang textile hub, 161 printing and dyeing, chemical fiber enterprises were informed to suspend suspend production until the end of the month.

  • Yuanfar wish friends around the world a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a healthy family

    The August 15 in the lunar calendar is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Festival of sacrifice to the moon, the Festival of Reunion, etc.It is a traditional Chinese folk festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from celestial worship, from the ancient times qiuxi festival evolved fr

  • Shenzhou-12 taikonauts ready to return to Earth ahead of China's Moon Festival after record-long stay in orbit

    With the Mid-Autumn Festival - one of the most important family reunion occasions for Chinese people - just around the corner, China's space heroes are also coming home.With a crew of three taikonauts, Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft successfully separated with China's Tianhe space station core module

  • The opening ceremony of China's 14th National Games was held in Xi'an

    Opening ceremony showcases Shaanxi’s distinctive cultural historyThe opening ceremony of China's 14th National Games was held in Xi'an, capital city of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, on Wednesday. Launched in one of China's most culturally and historically rich cities, the opening ceremony brou

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