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  • Instructions for use of Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5

    Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5 also called as B9, regulator, is a kind of plant growth regulator inhibitor, rubber company successfully developed in 1962 by the United States, its role is to prevent cell division, inhibition of cell elongation, dwarf seedlings, and can increase drought resistance of the crops.

  • Acetic acid(GAA) production technology and technical progress(part 2)

    Table 2.1 Catalyst systems for four methanol carbonyl synthesis processes Monsanto /BP process is a traditional process for the production of acetic acid, which is synthesized by methanol and carbon monoxide in a stirred tank reactor at 175℃ and 2.8MPa. Liquid rhodium complex catalyst is dissolved.

  • Acetic acid(GAA) production technology and technical progress(part 1)

    Throughout the history of Acetic Acid (GAA) CAS 64-19-7 industry, in 1911, the world's first industrial plant for acetaldehyde oxidation and acetic acid was built and put into operation in Germany. In 1960, the high pressure and high temperature carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid developed.

  • China - Brazil Customs AEO mutual recognition will be implemented from January 1, 2022

    The AEO mutual recognition arrangement between China and Brazil will be implemented from January 1, 2022. AEO is the abbreviation of Authorized Economic Operator, that is, "certified Operator", which is an institutional arrangement advocated by the World Customs Organization to promote trade security and convenience.

  • Production method of hydrazine hydrate(part 3)

    In this method, ketone imine is generated by the reaction of butanone (methyl-ethyl ketone) and ammonia, and then oxidized to oxazizone with H2O2, and then ammoniated to methyl-ketone nitrile. The latter is hydrolyzed into hydrazine and ketone, and the unreacted ketone can be recycled after purification.

  • Production method of hydrazine hydrate(part 2)

    The ketorenazone method, also known as Bergbau-Bayer-Whiffen method, was developed in the 1960s. It was first patented by Bergbau-Farsching, a subsidiary of the German Coal Mining Association. The process was improved by Bayer and Whiffen & Sons. Respectively, in the mid 1970s, large-scale industrialization and rapid development, is actually an improvement of the original Lacey law.

  • Production method of hydrazine hydrate(part 1)

    There are four industrial production methods of hydrazine hydrate: lacey method, urea method, ketone nitrogen method and hydrogen peroxide method. At present, urea method is mainly used in China. 2.1.1 Raschig method This process, first used in industrial production in 1906, produces hydrazine.

  • Preparation method of formic acid

    Laboratory method Oxalic acid was heated in anhydrous glycerol and steam distilled. Or hydrolyze isoacetonitrile under the action of hydrochloric acid to obtain: Isoacetonitrile was prepared by the reaction of ethylamine and chloroform. (This reaction must be carried out in a fume hood because

  • Notes for acetonitrile transportation operation

    This product is colorless transparent liquid; There was a slight ether odor. Acetonitrile is mainly used as a solvent. Such as the extraction of butadiene solvent, synthetic fiber solvent and some special coatings solvent. Used in the petroleum industry to remove tar from petroleum hydrocarbons.

  • 127 positive cases were found! Xi'an pressed the "pause button"

    A new round of nucleic acid screening has been launched since December 23 On the night of December 22, xi 'an Issued an announcement on its official wechat account. The full text is as follows: In order to timely and effectively detect and control the source of infection and block the spread.

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