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Daminohydrazine is a succinic acid plant growth regulator

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Daminohydrazine is a succinic acid plant growth regulator, which can delay the senescence of lettuce, inhibit the decay and discoloration of mushrooms, but has less effect on cauliflower and rhizome.  Daminohydrazine preserves chlorophyll in plants and extends the life of some perishable vegetables.  It is reported that daminozide combined with ethylene can effectively inhibit the synthesis of solanine in potato storage.  Postharvest use is said to have been restricted in the United States.  

Physicochemical properties of daminohydrazine  Chinese Daminozide B-NINE- YuanfarChemicals

It is a succinic acid.  Pure product for white crystal, slight odor.  Commodity is 95% to 98% light gray powder, or 85% wettable powder.  Solubility of 10 g /100 g water (25℃), melting point of 157℃~164℃.  Strong stability, powder at room temperature can be stored for more than 4 years, mixed into liquid after the use of the day.  Daminohydrazine in alkali will affect the efficacy, should not be mixed with other agents (copper preparation, oil agent) or pesticides.  

Daminohydrazine toxicity  

No adverse reactions were found in rabbits, dogs and cats.  Acute oral LD50 of rats was 8400 mg/kg, and acute skin test LD50 of rabbits was more than 5000 mg/kg.  

Mechanism of action of daminozide  

Daminohydrazine is a plant growth retarder, with bactericidal effect, widely used, can be used as dwarfing agent, fruiting agent, rooting agent and preservative.  After treating the plant, it can be absorbed, transported and distributed to various parts of the plant.  The initial effect of daminozide is to inhibit auxin synthesis, auxin transport and gibberyl biosynthesis in plants.  Mainly manifested in:  

(1) Delay plant vegetative growth, make the leaves dark green, small and thick, plant compact and robust, root system developed, increase root dry weight and reduce the ratio of crown to root, which is beneficial to control the overgrowth or flower bud differentiation.  

(2) Increasing chlorophyll content can delay the aging of chloroplast, slow down the growth rate, and increase the net assimilation rate of photosynthesis, which is beneficial to increase dry matter accumulation, improve fruit quality, firmness and fruit setting rate, and promote the concentration of fruit at mature stage.  

(3) It can increase the content of sugar in plant cells, reduce energy consumption and reduce transpiration, which may be related to the improvement of plant resistance to adverse environment, and is conducive to the reduction of physiological diseases.  

(4) Promoting the biosynthesis of anthocyanins is beneficial to improve the color of fruits and prevent the decolorization of fruits during storage.  Daminohydrazine is quickly decomposed by microorganisms in soil.  

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