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Difference between isopropyl alcohol(IPA) and alcohol

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Difference between isopropyl alcohol(IPA) and alcohol

Alcohol disinfectant

Alcohol disinfectants are most commonly used ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, which can coagulate proteins and cause the death of microorganisms. As a medium effect disinfectant, it can kill bacterial reproduction and damage most lipophilic viruses, such as herpes simplex virus, hepatitis B virus and human immunodeficiency virus.

The microbicidal effect of alcohols is affected by organic matter, and because it is volatile, soak disinfection or repeated scrubbing should be used to ensure its effect time. Alcohols are commonly used as solvents in some disinfectants and have synergistic effects, with a concentration of 75% commonly used. According to foreign reports: 80% ethanol has excellent inactivation effect on virus. In recent years, there are many compound alcohol disinfectants at home and abroad, these products are mostly used for hand skin disinfection.

Physical and chemical propertiesIsopropyl Alcohol for sale - YuanfarChemicals

Alcohol is also ethanol (C2H5OH), medical ethanol concentration is not less than 94.58%W/ mL, colorless clear liquid, volatile, spicy taste, easy to burn, its boiling point is 78.5°C, flash point 9-11 °C, and water can be mixed with any share.
Denatured alcohol for ethanol added toxic substances, such as methanol, formaldehyde, mercury, etc., can not be drunk, but can be used for disinfection, its role with ethanol.
Isopropanol (CH3CH(OH)CH3), also known as 2-propanol or dipropanol, is a colorless, volatile liquid, isomer of n-propanol CH3-CH3-CH2-CH2OH. The concentration is not less than 98.5%, colorless clear flammable liquid, similar to acetone, ethanol mixed smell, taste slightly bitter, boiling point is 82.5°C, flash point 11.7°C, can be mixed with water, ethanol.

Method of use

75% ethanol solution is used for soaking, scrubbing and disinfection, mainly for hand skin disinfection.

70% isopropyl alcohol solution for soaking, scrubbing disinfection.

Disinfection mechanism

Alcohol-based disinfectants kill microorganisms relying on three functions:

(1) Damage the skin health of protein, denaturation;

(2) Invading bacteria cells, release the surface of the water membrane protein, make it inactive, cause microbial metabolic disorders;

(3) Lytic effect.

Bactericidal action

Ethanol has killing effect on bacterial reproduction, virus and fungal spores. The resistance of gram-positive bacteria was slightly stronger than gram-negative bacteria, and invalid to bacterial spore.
60%-70% ethanol for 5 min can kill bacterial multiplication (including tuberculosis bacilli). For hepatitis B virus, it takes a long time (3 to 10 min) because it is encapsulated in protein. Fungal spores can be treated for up to 30 minutes. When the concentration of ethanol is below 30%, the killing of bacterial colonies is extended to several hours.
Isopropyl alcohol can kill bacterial reproduction, some virus and fungal spores, but can not kill bacterial spores.

Treatment of alcoholism

The victim should be vomited immediately and repeatedly lavage the stomach with 1% sodium bicarbonate or water. 50% glucose 60~100ml, intravenous injection, at the same time 16~20 units of insulin, subcutaneous injection, together with intramuscular injection of vitamin B1, B6 and niacin, to promote ethanol oxidation, promote awake. Symptomatic and supportive treatment, pay attention to warm, faint use of naloxone, 0.4~0.8mg each time, can be repeated, careful use of sedative. Maintain electrolyte balance and acid-base balance.

Hemodialysis is suitable for severe poisoning with extremely high blood ethanol concentration (ethanol concentration >110mmol/L or 500mg/ dL).

Disinfection efficacy

Alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are commonly used in disinfectants, disinfection effect is not very big difference, if really needed than height, relative alcohol, isopropyl alcohol disinfection effect is better, because the formal composition isopropyl alcohol is dimethyl methyl alcohol, containing two methyl group make it greatly enhance the lipotropy sex, be distinguished between hydrophilic oil-wet alcohols. Because the permeability is strong, the ability to kill bacteria and mold is also enhanced accordingly. Alcohol generally refers to 75% ethanol medical aqueous solution, with a group of ethyl, ethyl penetration force is weaker than methyl, is also caused by the further widening of the functional gap between the two, many medical disinfection tablets on the market is actually composed of 70% isopropyl alcohol and non-woven fabric.

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