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Dinitrogen tetroxide is an inorganic substance

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Dinitrogen tetroxide can spontaneously combinate with many fuels and is an excellent oxidant.  But its liquid temperature range is narrow, and it is easy to solidify and evaporate.  Nitrogen tetroxide at room temperature is in a state of constant vaporization.  Nitrogen tetroxide suspended in the air decomposes immediately to nitrogen dioxide gas at reduced pressure.  Nitrogen dioxide gas is brownish red and neuronarcotic toxic.  

Used as raw materials for the manufacture of nitric acid, anhydrous metal salts and nitro complexes.  It is used as an oxidant, nitration agent and inhibitor of acrylate polymerization in organic chemistry.  In the military industry, used to make explosives.  

The gas NO2 was obtained from the process of producing concentrated nitric acid by direct synthesis, and the liquid N2O4 was prepared by condensation and distillation.  As one of the most commonly used storable oxidants, it often forms a two-component liquid propellant with hydrazine fuel, and is used for launching launch vehicles such as communication satellites and strategic missiles.  

Dinitrogen Tetroxide storage and transportation method  

Nitrogen oxides mainly damage the respiratory tract.  

1. When filling pressurized cylinders, labels of "poison gas" and "oxidant" shall be affixed to the cylinders.  Store in cool and ventilated warehouse.  The storage temperature should not exceed 15℃.  Keep away from fire and heat source.  Keep out of direct sunlight.  

2. It should be stored and transported separately from flammable and combustible materials.  Transport should follow the prescribed route and do not stop in residential and densely populated areas.  Transport equipment shall not enter the storage room.  dinitrogen tetroxide gas distributors - YuanfarChemicals

3. Handling lightly during storage and transportation to prevent damage to cylinders and accessories.  

Dinitrogen Tetroxide emergency treatment  

Dinitrogen Tetroxide leak response  

1. Quickly evacuate people from the contaminated area to the windward area, isolate them, and strictly restrict access.  

2. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and protective clothing.  

3, as far as possible to cut off the leak source.  

If gas, reasonable ventilation, accelerate diffusion.  Dilute and dissolve in spray water.  A large amount of waste water produced by building embankments or digging pits.  Air leakage containers should be properly handled, repaired and inspected before use.  

If liquid, rinse with plenty of water, dilute with water and put into the waste water system.  If a large number of leakage, build embankment or dig pit reception;  Spray water cools and dilutes steam.  

4. Transfer to tank car or special collector with explosion-proof pump, recycle or transport to waste treatment site for disposal.  

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