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DMF price is high because of supply and demand

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-15      Origin: Site

The reason why dmf price is so high

After the DMF(N,N-Dimethylformamide DMF CAS 68-12-2)price hit a record high this year, although it has Hexafluoropropylene buy-yuanfarchemicalsexperienced two corrections, they are not sustained and the range is not deep, and the overall level is still high. Into October after the supply is expected to tighten, disk or will remain high form.

Recently, the shutdown and maintenance of some DMF devices affected the overall output. Although part of the planned maintenance will be gradually restarted in October, due to the increase of methylamine and high yield of related products, some enterprises intend to adjust the output, and the overall output recovery of DMF in the later period will not be as expected.

Methylamine and dimethylamine before the preparation of DMF have risen recently. According to the feedback of market participants, the market in most regions has exceeded ten thousand, and the production is quite profitable. Meanwhile, it is reported that relevant DMF manufacturers are willing to adjust the output ratio in the later stage. This intention will lead to insufficient recovery of DMF output in the later period.

Dimethyl formamide three parties inventory is very low

Previously due to the record high prices, DMF three parties inventory is very low. On the one hand, the production andHexafluoropropylene for sale-yuanfarchemicals sales of domestic and foreign trade at the factory end have been good in the early months, and the inventory has been kept low. Although it has been accumulated during the National Day holiday, it is still far from the safety inventory, and most factories are still at a low inventory level.

The downstream users are more passive in the past few months. Although the demand for slurry resin and other products has maintained a relatively strong form, the transfer of high cost is difficult, and the transmission of rise encounters resistance. The raw material stock of most users is gradually consumed to a low level and enters a relatively high frequency state of rigid purchase. The high price makes the client keep the purchasing rhythm of eating less and eating more, and unable to establish safe raw material reserve.

Previously, Henan Jun and Shaanxi Xinghua were both in the shutdown state, the former may restart in the middle of the month, the latter may restart at the end of the month, the market is expected to increase output in October. But before the National Day market rumor hualu device fluctuations, output shrinkage, resulting in the overall industry output expected to reduce. Under the influence of the rise of methylamine and other products, DMF enterprises will increase their willingness to shrink production, which will undoubtedly break the early market prediction.

The overall rigid dimethyl formamide demand will remain

Monthly DMF output is now expected to be 50,800 tons in November, compared with an average of 56,200 tons in January-September this year. Although the downstream start-up load is still subject to certain objective environmental constraints in the fourth quarter, the overall rigid demand is expected to remain.

In addition, with the overall recovery of the manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia, the external demand has also been repaired, and the sea freight of some airlines has also fallen slightly. In the later period, the export of DMF and its terminal products is still expected to increase, which also forms a certain positive expectation.
DMF market is expected to continue to be a strong attitude, it is suggested that all parties pay attention to domestic device output adjustment, inventory changes, as well as external market demand recovery and export performance.

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