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DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) Review How this Spray Can Help Relieve Pain Fast (Ⅱ)

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The Uses of DMSO

Quick relief for pain and inflammation

Once you apply DMSO on the skin, it is easily absorbed by the tissues. When a body part is inflamed, the tissues tend to fill with water. Hence, resulting in pain due to the extra pressure which in effect, leads to more inflammation and potential injury.

DMSO helps get rid of the water from the inflamed tissues to reduce the swelling faster. This chemical acts as an antioxidant to fight free radical damage especially in injured tissues. People suffering from arthritis can benefit greatly from using DMSO because it works great in providing relief to the joints. If you are applying DMSO to an open wound or sensitive skin. When DMSO is used on sensitive skin or on open wounds, we highly recommend diluting it with distilled water first before applying. This helps water down the concentration.

Avoids scarring

DMSO helps boost the blood circulation in the area you applied it to. Hence, it can improve the circulation of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the damaged tissues. Meanwhile, it can also accelerate the healing of other types of wounds such as road rash or surgical cuts to reduce scarring. This also works for burns.

Manage sports injuries

DMSO helps speed up the process of healing especially in sports injuries. It provides relief for tissue injuries including sprains, tendinitis, and strains among many others. By eliminating blood from damaged tissues, it helps heal bruises faster. Based on studies, people who applied DMSO on their bruised between three to four times daily clears up the discoloration faster compared to those who did not use any.

Inhibits tissue and skin damage

Tissue and skin damage can occur due when it leaks from the IV during chemotherapy. At the same time, there are certain chemotherapy drugs that can cause damage to the tissues and skin once they spill out from the vein and creep into the tissues. Research suggests that DMSO can help avoid further damage when this happens.

Helps control Inflammatory bladder disease

According to studies, washing the bladder with DMSO can significantly improve the symptoms of inflammatory bladder disease especially in people who are suffering from this condition for a long time.

Pain from shingles

According to research, rubbing DMSO on the skin along with the combination of idoxuridine can help reduce pain, swelling, and avoid lesions that are associated with shingles.

What You Need to Know About DMSO

It is considered as a universal solvent

What makes DMSO unique is that it is a form of bipolar molecule wherein one end of the molecule adheres to water while the other concentrates on the fats. Hence, making DMSO a universal solvent.

You can store DMSO in glass or possibly a polyethylene plastic container. Otherwise, it will dissolve the rest. Nonetheless, this is not something you should be afraid of because DMSO is generally safe to use is not harmful to our health.

Keep yourself clean before using DMSO

Before applying DMSO, keep yourself clean first. Make sure that you don’t have any dirt, grease or substances on your hands. At the same time, since DMSO is a universal solvent, it can easily dissolve nail polish which means that it can carry it to your body.

Also, avoid using creams before rubbing DMSO. The best way to deal with this is to wash your hands thoroughly first and clean your wound before applying DMSO.

DMSO can cause itchiness or burning

In some cases, you might experience itchiness or burning several minutes after applying DMSO on your skin due to its strong concentration. To minimize this effect, add water to dilute the solution. Once you start to feel itchy, apply a damp cloth and wipe yourself with a towel.

Do not worry too much about the itching because it is normal and by the time you finish wiping yourself off, the itching will stop.

Don’t let DMSO touch your clothes

Again, due to its string concentration, DMSO can also dissolve the colors on your clothes as well as ruin the fabrics. So, make sure you apply it on bare skin.

Dilute DMSO in water

When you’re mixing DMSO with water, expect a reaction to occur. Don’t panic because this is normal and it simply means that it is giving off heat which is enough to cause burns. Therefore, after mixing water and DMSO, wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes and check if it is back to its normal room temperature before you use it.

Use a diluted form of DMSO for sensitive skin

If you happen to have sensitive skin, dilute DMSO in water. An equal ratio of water and DMSO should do the trick. This works better for people with delicate and sensitive skin. Using a full-strength solution to sensitive skin can cause burning.

DMSO is available in various forms

DMSO is manufactured in cream, gel, liquid, and roll-on form. It doesn’t matter which type of form you use because these are all effective and can significantly help provide relief for pain.

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