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Hexafluoropropylene(HFP) CAS 116-15-4

  • 116-15-4

  • Hexafluoropropylene(HFP)

  • C3F6

  • 20MT ISO tank container

  • Colorless gas


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Hexafluoropropylene Information

CAS NO. 116-15-4
Alias 1,1,2,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-1-propene; Hexafluoropropene; 1,1,2,3,3,3-hexafluoroprop-1-ene
Molecular Formula C3F6
Appearance Colorless Gas
Assay 99.99%Min
UN NO. 1858
HazardClass 2.2
PackingGroup Suggestion According to UN NO.
Package 20Mt Iso Tank Container,or as you request

Hexafluoropropylene Uses Technical Data Sheet

Inspection Items Specification
Purity 99.99%Min
Evaporation Residue 0.002%Max
Acidity(Hcl) 0.00001%Max
Moisture 0.002%Max

Hexafluoropropylene 116 15 4 Storage

Cylinders should be stored in a purpose-built compound with good ventilation, preferably in the open. Such compounds should be sited and built in accordance with statutory requirements. The storage compound should be kept clear and access restricted to authorised personnel only. Cylinders stored in the open should be protected against rust and extremes of weather. Cylinders in storage should be properly secured to prevent toppling or rolling. Cylinder valves should be closed when not in use. Where cylinders are fitted with valve protection this should be in place and properly secured. Gas cylinders should be segregated according to the requirements of the Dangerous Goods Act. Preferably store full and empty cylinders separately. Check storage areas for hazardous concentrations of gases prior to entry. Full cylinders should be arranged so that the oldest stock is used first. Cylinders in storage should be checked periodically for general condition and leakage. Protect cylinders against 

physical damage. Move and store cylinders correctly as instructed for their manual handling.

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HFP 116 15 4 Application

Hexafluoropropylene(HFP),1. A variety of fluorine-containing fine chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, fire extinguishing agents, etc., can also be prepared fluorine-containing polymer materials. 2. As raw materials for the preparation of fluorosulfonic acid ion exchange membrane, fluorocarbon oil and perfluoropropylene oxide, etc.