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How many ways can ISO TANK be loaded and unloaded on site?

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ISO TANK also known as "TANK container", "international standard set cans", "TANK box". Tank Container is a stainless steel Container with the external frame of the 20-foot international standard Container. The Tank inner bladder is made of 316L stainless steel. The external size and storage mode of the Container are exactly the same as that of the 20-foot international standard Container, and the outer frame is the standard 20-foot Container. ISO TANK is suitable for domestic and international road, rail, water transportation and multimodal transportation.

It can be used for DMF,ACN,HYDRAZINE HYDRATE,FORMAMIDE,and so many Liquid hazardous chemicals

The loading

1. Load with its own gravityChina alkohol isopropil - YuanfarChemicals

The cargo flows freely from the high tank to the container through the manhole/top loading port under the action of gravity (see Figure 1). Or the closed system is loaded from the top/bottom valve and the tank gas is returned to the tank through the air line (see Figure 2).

ps:Gravity loading requires plant tanks to be higher off the ground and less used.

2. Loading with the help of pumps

The goods are pumped from the bottom tank through the manhole/top loading port into the collector tank, or the closed system is pumped from the top valve/bottom valve into the collector tank, and the gas in the tank is returned to the tank through the air line.

ps:This method requires simple equipment and is commonly used.

3. Load by pressurizing

Pressure is applied at the top of the product storage tank so that the goods can be loaded into the container under pressure. For perishable or dangerous cargo, tank gas discharged from the cargo shall be returned to the tank or other tanks through the connecting line between the air valve and the tank.

Note in the process of loading and unloading: because there is always a certain pressure difference between the closed container and the outside air, we must carefully open the valve, when the internal and external pressure difference is close to zero, we can open the manhole cover. When using the bottom valve, the foot valve should be opened and closed first. Do not enter the tank unless safety instructions are given.

ps:Suitable for cargo that cannot be polluted by oxygen, water or steam.

The unloading

1. Unload with gravity

The position of the cargo storage tank is lower than the height of the container, and the cargo can easily flow into the storage tank through the bottom valve under the action of gravity. In order to prevent damage caused by vacuum, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough gas to fill the volume of the unloaded cargo.

ps:If the cargo is toxic or dangerous, it shall be connected with reflux pipeline

2. Unload under pressure

Unloading is carried out through the bottom valve or top valve under pressure at the top of the container. For cargo transported under inert gas protection, nitrogen or other inert gas is usually used as the pressure medium for unloading.

ps:Under no circumstances shall the pressure in the tank exceed the maximum working pressure of the tank.

3. Unload the cargo using a pump

This situation is suitable for connecting the pump to the top or bottom valve, or by inserting the hose into the manhole to pump the cargo to the high tank. Gas or air is introduced into the tank to fill the unloaded cargo. Depending on the characteristics of the goods, consider whether to supply the gas by opening the manhole or connecting the inert gas source from the air valve. When discharging with a high flow pump. To prevent tank collapse due to vacuum, it is recommended to have a vacuum relief valve to draw in gas.

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