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How To Manufacture THF In Industry

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1、 Overview

Tetrahydrofuran (THF for short), Molecular formula is C4H8O, boiling point is 66 ℃, specific gravity D2040.886~0.888, refractive index n20 D1.4060~1.4080. Due to its fast dissolution rate, good diffusion performance, good fluidity, low toxicity, and low boiling point, it has good solubility for both organic and inorganic substances, and is known as the "universal solvent". It can be used as a solvent in resin, polyether rubber, and polyurethane synthesis. In pharmaceutical engineering, it is a basic raw material for synthesizing Kebiqing, Lifumycin, progesterone, Qiangjinsong, Naofukang, etc. Tetrahydrofuran can also be used to produce trimethylene Glycol ethers (PTMEG), adipic acid, butanediol, dichlorobutane, tetrahydrothiophenol, butyrolactone, pyrrolidone, 2.3-dichlorotetrahydrofuran and other chemical products. In addition, THF can also be used as an acetylene extraction solvent, tape cleaning agent, surface finishing agent for synthetic leather, and light stabilizer for polymer materials. At present, the world's THF production capacity is about 500000 tons, mainly used for the synthesis of polytetramethylene ether (PTMEG) and as a solvent. Due to different national conditions, the consumption distribution of THF varies.

The production and development of THF in China is relatively slow. Due to the initial development of PTMEG products, THF's main consumption areas are pharmaceuticals, spices, etc. Downstream products have not been developed, and there are not many manufacturers, resulting in long-term supply exceeding demand. The development of downstream products has also been restricted.

2、 Technical Proposal

The production methods of tetrahydrofuran in industry mainly include the following:

(1) 1,4-butanediol method: Dehydrating 1,4-butanediol to produce tetrahydrofuran is a commonly used production method abroad, with advanced technology and good product quality.

(2) Maleic anhydride method: tetrahydrofuran is prepared by catalytic hydrogenation of Maleic anhydride. In recent years, the production of maleic anhydride in China has developed rapidly. Tetrahydrofuran is a primary deep processed product of maleic anhydride, and the development of maleic anhydride production provides a raw material source for tetrahydrofuran production. The hydrogenation of maleic anhydride aqueous solution to produce tetrahydrofuran is bound to have rapid development.

(3) Furfural method: Furfural method is the earliest method to achieve industrial production of tetrahydrofuran. China is a major producer of furfural, with over 100 factories and an annual production capacity of over 130000 tons. However, there is little development of downstream products of furfural, and most of them are exported, with only a portion processed into furfuryl alcohol, methylfuran, and tetrahydrofuran. China has abundant resources of furfural, stable supply, and low prices. The production of tetrahydrofuran using furfural as raw material has convenient sources and low investment, making it a relatively practical production method. It also has good economic benefits.

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