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hydrofluoricacid CAS NO.:7664-39-3

  • hydrofluoricacid

  • FH

  • 20MT ISO tank container

  • Colorless transparent liquid

  • 7664-39-3

CAS NO.7664-39-3
Molecular FormulaFH
AppearanceColorless  transparent liquid
ASSAY99.90% Min
Package20MT ISO tank container
UN NO.1790
Technical Data Sheet
HF %≥ 99.90
H2O %≤ 0.005
H2SiF6 %≤ 0.005
SO2 %≤ 0.002
H2SO4 %≤ 0.005
As ( ppm)≤ 5.00
AppearanceColorless  transparent liquid
Methods of production
The sulfuric acid method produces anhydrous hydrofluoric acid by crude distillation, degassing, and distillation of the hydrogen fluoride generated by the decomposition of fluorite with sulfuric acid.
CaF2+H2SO4 → 2HF+CaSO4
Mainly used as a raw material for fluorinated compounds, as well as in the manufacturing of aluminum fluoride and cryolite, semiconductor surface etching, and as a catalyst for alkylation. Used as a strong acidic corrosive agent in the electronic industry, it can be used in combination with nitric acid, acetic acid, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. It is an essential source of fluorine for fluoride salts, fluoride refrigerants, fluoroplastics, fluororubber, fluoropharmaceuticals, and pesticides.