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Instructions for use of Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5

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Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5 also called asB9, regulator, is a kind of plant growth regulator inhibitor, rubber company buy Daminozide - Yuanfarchemicalsuccessfully developed in 1962 by the United States, its role is to prevent cell division, inhibition of cell elongation, dwarf seedlings, and can increase drought resistance of the crops, make many flowering crops, increasing fruit-bearing rate and prevent fruit drop before mining, etc.  

Mechanism of action of daminozide

Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5 after being absorbed by plants, plants can inhibit the biosynthesis of endogenous ga3 and the synthesis of endogenous auxin, main effect is moderate growth, inhibition of hydraulic-powered tree-trimmers shorten internode length, increased leaf thickness and chlorophyll content, prevention and control of the fallen petal promote fruit, induction of adventitious root formation, stimulated root growth, increase the cold hardiness.  Butanohydrazide enters the body through the roots, stems and leaves of plants, and has good internal absorption and conduction properties. With the nutrient flow, butanohydrazide can extend the palisade tissue and loose spongy tissue of leaves, improve the chlorophyll content and enhance the photosynthesis of leaves.  Mitosis of apical meristem could be inhibited at the top of plant.  It can shorten internode distance and restrain branch elongation in stem and branch.  Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5 is a plant growth regulator with broad spectrum and applicability.  

After entering the body, the butylebook mainly concentrates on apical and subapical meristem, and affects the activity of cytokinin and auxin.  Thus inhibiting cell division and longitudinal growth, making the plant dwarfy and stout, but does not affect flowering and fruit, so that the plant cold resistance, drought resistance ability enhancement.  In addition, it can promote the formation of flower bud in the next year, prevent falling flower and fruit, promote fruit coloring and prolong storage period.  

Practical application of Daminozide(B-NINE/B9) CAS 1596-84-5  

① Promote rooting such as caryophyllum muskum, dahlia, available 5000 mg/kg butanoyl fibular processing cuttings, quick dip in 5 seconds;  Poinsettia, can be treated with 2500 mg/kg butyl-foot cuttings, quickly dipped in 15 seconds.  

② To promote flowering, leaf flowers were sprayed with 5000 mg/kg butyryl foot and treated with 8 hours of short day. Leaf flowers were sprayed with 2500 mg/kg butyryl well and treated with 8 hours of short day when rhododendrons were budding.  

③ For delayed flowering, spray 1000 mg/kg butyryl foot on bud 1~2 months before flowering.  

④ To prolong the flowering period, the chrysanthemums were treated with 2500 mg/kg butyryl well and sprayed on the leaves once 3 weeks after the beginning of short-day, and again 5 weeks later.  

(5) Dwarfing effects Chrysanthemums were treated with 2500 mg/kg butyryl solution and foliar spraying was carried out at the flower bud differentiation stage.  Foliar spraying of petunias with 2500-5000 mg/kg butylwax.  

Method of use of daminozide

① Mainly used for peanuts, fruit trees, soybeans, cucumbers, tomatoes and vegetables and other crops, as a dwarfing agent, fruit setting agent, rooting agent and freshness preservation agent, etc.  

② The general use of concentration is 0.1-0.5%, apple with 0.1-0.2% liquid spray results early, peach, grape, plum for 0.1-0.4%;  

(3) Rice with 0.5%0.8% liquid medicine, can promote short and strong, prevent lodging;  

(4) spraying peanut with 0.2-0.3% liquid can increase production;  Tomato using 0.25% - 0.5% solution can increase fruit - setting rate.

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