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Lithium and its uses

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Lithium and its compounds enable clean energy and transportation through rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles and electronics and as key ingredients in low-melting glass and lubricants.Lithium compounds are produced in several forms, including lithium carbonate (Li2CO3), lithium oxide (Li2O), and lithium hydroxide (LiOH).


Lithium is a highly reactive metal used to make energy-dense rechargeable batteries for electronics such as laptops cell phones, electric vehicles and grid storage.Demand for lithium-ion batteries has grown significantly in recent years driving global exploration and allowing new lithium projects to be considered.Batteries account for 74% of total demand in 2021.Lithium is also used in glass products to improve durability corrosion resistance and heat resistance for use in extreme temperatures.It is used in items such as glass ceramic cooktops, glass containers, specialty glass and fiberglass.Due to its natural properties, lithium contributes to increased productivity and energy savings in the glass manufacturing process.Lithium is a key mineral for the energy transition, and net-zero emissions will require an increased reliance on new and recycled lithium resources to manufacture batteries.

Productionelemental lithium

Canada had limited lithium production from 2014 to 2019 and very little in 2021.Several companies are currently working on lithium projects ranging from conventional hard rock extraction to unconventional sources.These projects range from early exploration to pre-production stages.The lithium is shipped internationally for processing,shipping spodumene concentrate to refineries in China for processing into lithium carbonate.Prices for lithium products and spodumene concentrates fell sharply later in the year,when global spodumene capacity nearly doubled.

The new owners plan to restart North American lithium mines, develop other mining projects in Quebec, and build lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate refineries.After several years of exploration and construction,After seeking bankruptcy protection, Nemaska was acquired by Pallinghurst Group in partnership with the Quebec government and emerged from creditor protection in 2020.The plans to restart the mine and build a lithium hydroxide refinery.

Canada currently has an estimated 3.2 million tonnes of lithium oxide resources (measured and indicated) in hard rock deposits.Lithium brines could add to these resources as advances in technology and processing allow the economical extraction of lithium compounds from oil and gas fields, including existing infrastructure and industrial wastewater.

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