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Methane CAS 74-82-8

  • Methane

  • CH4

  • 40L/Cylinder

  • colorless, odorless, gas

  • 74-82-8

CAS NO.74-82-8
AliasNatural Gas
Molecular FormulaCH4
Appearancecolorless, odorless, gas
UN NO.1971
Methane (CH4) is primarily produced through natural processes and human activities. In nature, it is generated during the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms in environments like wetlands, marshes, and digestive systems of animals. In human activities, methane is produced through various sources, including the extraction and use of fossil fuels like natural gas, coal mining, and oil refining. Additionally, methane is a byproduct of organic waste decomposition in landfills and wastewater treatment plants. It can also be synthesized in industrial processes, such as the steam reforming of natural gas or biomass gasification.

Methane is used for energy production in natural gas for electricity and heating, cooking, and as a clean fuel for vehicles. It serves as a feedstock in chemical synthesis, producing chemicals like methanol and ammonia. Methane from biogas is utilized for renewable energy, while methane hydrates are being explored as potential future energy sources. However, its significant greenhouse gas role requires managing and reducing emissions to address climate change impacts.