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Methyl hydrazine's application

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Methyl hydrazine, also known as monomethyl hydrazine, is an organic compound with the structural formula CH3NHNH2. The boiling point is 87.8 ℃, and the melting point is - 52 ℃. It can spontaneously ignite in contact with strong oxidants. The chloramine method is adopted for production. First, sodium hypochlorite is used to oxidize ammonia to chloramine, and then it reacts with monomethylamine to prepare methyl hydrazine aqueous solution. Then, the pure product is prepared through separation, desalination, concentration, distillation and other steps. It is often used in the monitoring system of space shuttles, spaceships and satellites to form a bipropellant liquid propellant with nitrogen tetroxide and other oxidants.

About methylhydrazine's application

1 Product Information

Chinese name: monomethylhydrazine

Foreign name: Methylhydrazine

Alias: methylhydrazine; Monomethyl hydrazine

Chemical formula: CH6N2

Molecular weight: 46.07

CAS registration number: 60-34-4

EINECS Login No.: 200-471-4

Melting point: - 52 ℃

Boiling point: 87.8 ℃

Water solubility: soluble in water

Density: 0.875 g/cm ³ (20℃)

Flash point: - 8 ℃

2 Physical propertiesMono methylhydrazine MMH price - YuanfarChemicals

Appearance and properties: colorless liquid with ammonia smell.

Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol and ether.

3 Chemical properties

Flammable, its vapor and air can form an explosive mixture, which is easy to burn and explode in case of open fire and high heat. It can spontaneously ignite when encountering loose substances such as dust, asbestos and wood in the air. It can also spontaneously ignite in the presence of oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide or nitric acid. Its vapor can explode at high heat. Corrosive. It forms salts with acids, such as methyl hydrazine sulfate, and methyl hydrazine is explosive.

4 Application

For organic synthesis. N-methyldicarbohydrazide can be prepared by acylation of methylhydrazine sulfate. Add formic acid, sodium formate and methyl hydrazine sulfate into the glass lined reaction pot, slowly raise the temperature to 110~115 ℃, and stir for 1.5h. Cool to 5 ℃, filter, wash with absolute ethanol, combine the washing filtrate, extract with chloroform after decompression and concentration, filter to remove sodium sulfate, and wash with chloroform. The enterprising liquid is evaporated to chloroform under reduced pressure, cooled, and added with absolute ethanol and ether. The solid is separated out, filtered, washed with a small amount of ether, and dried in direct air to obtain N-methyldicarbohydrazide. The melting point is 50~51 ℃. The yield is 70%~80%. For the production of methyl phenyl hydrazine. Methylhydrazine is also used as rocket fuel.

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