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  • Hydrazine hydrate of the production method

    The main industrial production methods of hydrazine hydrate are laxi method, urea method, ketone nitrogen method and hydrogen peroxide method. The urea process is mainly used in China. 1. Urea oxidation method Mix 10% sodium hypochlorite solution with 30% liquid alkali, then cool, adjust the mix

  • Hydrazine hydrate as an major fine chemical raw material

    Hydrazine hydrate, as an important fine chemical raw material, is mainly used in the synthesis of AC, D1PA, TSH and other foaming agents. Also used as boiler and reaction kettle deoxidation and carbon dioxide cleaning treatment agent; In the pharmaceutical industry for the production of anti-tuber

  • Hydrazine hydrate is widely used in industry

    Hydrazine hydrate, also known as hydrazine hydrate, has strong alkalinity and hygroscopicity. Pure product is colorless and transparent oily liquid, with light ammonia flavor, smoking in wet air, with strong alkalinity and hygroscopicity. Generally used in industry, the content of hydrazine hydrat

  • Hydrazine hydrate of the harmful effects

    Polymorphism Hydrazine has toxicology 1. Acute toxicity: MEDIAN lethal dose (rabbit, vein) 25mg/kg, highly toxic, strongly erodes skin and impedes enzymes in the body. Acute poisoning can damage the central nervous system and, in most cases, lead to death. It mainly affects the metabolism of carb

  • Rocket propellant ---hydrazine monohydrate of the product desccription

    Energy is the most essential cause that drives all things. Whether it is the driving of the ground car or the flying of the rocket/aircraft, it is simply a process of obtaining kinetic energy in the form of some energy conversion! The engine of a car simply uses the energy generated by rotation to d

  • The downstream use of hydrazine hydrate is extensive, China is a major producer and exporter

    The downstream of the hydrazine hydrate industry chain is mainly in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, power, water treatment, aerospace and other industries.Hydrazine hydrate, also known as hydrazine hydrate, pure product appearance for colorless transparent oily liquid, a light ammonia taste, to

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