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64 hydrazine hydrate price

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  • Hydrazine hydrate application fields and emergency treatment

    Hydrazine hydrate, also known as hydrazine hydrate, is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of N2H4·H2O. It is a colorless, transparent fuming liquid with a light ammonia smell.

  • Brief History of Chemical Industry - part 2

    With the solution of the acid-base problem, the textile industry has ushered in considerable development, but new problems have emerged.

  • Brief History of Chemical Industry - part 1

    Chemical industry is one of the most important means for human beings to transform the world. As early as ancient times, human beings began to use chemical methods to carry out production activities.

  • Hydrazine hydrate are still in export

    Recently,the hydrazine hydrate is shortage in the whole Chinese market, and to a certain extent caused the rise in prices, as the export of hydrazine hydrate professional company, Yuanfar chemical still has the ability to supply worldwide,the supply of hydrazine hydrate from Yuanfar chemical is gen