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ACN CAS 75 05 8 distributors

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  • Application of Acetonitrile(2)

    Application of high-purity Acetonitrile1 High-purity Acetonitrile reagentProduction of high purity Acetonitrile, must ensure purity ≥99.9%, water ≤100ppm, metal ion content ≤10ppb, the number of dust particle size greater than 0.2μm of less than 400/ml.

  • Application of Acetonitrile(1)

    Application of conventional AcetonitrileAs a wide range of uses of organic chemical raw materials, Acetonitrile has high demands on its purity, wherein the conventional Acetonitrile required to achieve 99% purity in order to be widely used.1 Used as the hydrocarbon solvent for extraction separationA

  • Introduce you to the drug dimethyl sulfoxide - part 1

    Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a by-product of the wood industry and has been used as a commercial solvent since 1953. It's also one of the most studied and least understood pharmaceutical formulations of our time, at least in the United States.

  • What is Dimethyl carbonate?

    Dimethyl carbonate, referred to as DMC, is a colorless and transparent liquid with an irritating smell at normal temperature.

  • Methylhydrazine's introduction of the operation and storage

    Methylhydrazine(MMH) or monomethyl hydrazine, is colorless liquid of rocket propellant, having a smell of ammonia.