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  • Acetonitrile (C2N3N): Structure, Uses And Risks

    ACETONITRILE (C2H3N): STRUCTURE, USES, RISKSThe acetonitrile is a substance of organic origin formed by only carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. This chemical species belongs to the group of nitriles, with acetonitrile having the simplest structure among those of the organic type.Nitriles are a class of

  • Acetonitrile Chemical Storage

    Acetonitrile might sound like a term you find in a high school chemistry book, but there’s nothing elementary about its real world implications. While its colorless composition might seem innocuous, acetonitrile carries an Ether-like odor, hinting at its toxic effects. Like other dangerous chemicals

  • Analysis of Southeast Asian Chemical Market (1)

    With the acceleration of the scale of China's chemical industry, the homogenization brought by the scale is becoming more and more serious. Many powerful enterprises are actively laying out the consumer market in Southeast Asia. They can take the lead in seizing the potential consumer market in Sout

  • Why is Acetonitrile Used in HPLC?

    Acetonitrile together with Methanol are the most commonly used solvents for HPLC and UHPLC Chromatography processes because most substances are easily soluble in both solvents, but not saturated hydrocarbons.

  • Application of Acetonitrile(2)

    Application of high-purity Acetonitrile1 High-purity Acetonitrile reagentProduction of high purity Acetonitrile, must ensure purity ≥99.9%, water ≤100ppm, metal ion content ≤10ppb, the number of dust particle size greater than 0.2μm of less than 400/ml.

  • Application of Acetonitrile(1)

    Application of conventional AcetonitrileAs a wide range of uses of organic chemical raw materials, Acetonitrile has high demands on its purity, wherein the conventional Acetonitrile required to achieve 99% purity in order to be widely used.1 Used as the hydrocarbon solvent for extraction separationA

  • Resilience in China’s foreign trade will still sustain Asia as the hub of global trade

    Resilience in China’s foreign trade will still sustain Asia as the hub of global trade——1 For years, Asia has been the primary global trading hub. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in 2021, North America accounted for 10.13 percent of global export trade,

  • Learn details of the wide use of acetonitrile

    Acetonitrile is mainly used as solvent. For example, it can be used as solvent for butadiene extraction, solvent for synthetic fiber and solvent for some special coatings. Solvent used in petroleum industry to remove tar, phenol and other substances from petroleum hydrocarbons.

  • Preparation and purification of acetonitrile

    Preparation and purification of acetonitrileAcetonitrile is the simplest organic nitrile, also known as cyanomethane and methylnitrile. It is a colorless transparent liquid at room temperature, which is highly volatile, has a special smell similar to ether, is flammable.

  • Acetonitrile's use

    Acetonitrile is an organic modifier and solvent used in thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography, spectroscopy and polarographic analysis in recent years.

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