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Acetonitrile price

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  • Acetonitrile (C2N3N): Structure, Uses And Risks
    ACETONITRILE (C2H3N): STRUCTURE, USES, RISKSThe acetonitrile is a substance of organic origin formed by only carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. This chemical species belongs to the group of nitriles, with acetonitrile having the simplest structure among those of the organic type.Nitriles are a class of
  • Acetonitrile Chemical Storage
    Acetonitrile might sound like a term you find in a high school chemistry book, but there’s nothing elementary about its real world implications. While its colorless composition might seem innocuous, acetonitrile carries an Ether-like odor, hinting at its toxic effects. Like other dangerous chemicals
  • Why is Acetonitrile Used in HPLC?
    Acetonitrile together with Methanol are the most commonly used solvents for HPLC and UHPLC Chromatography processes because most substances are easily soluble in both solvents, but not saturated hydrocarbons.
  • Introduction to acetonitrile application and precautions
    Acetonitrile has been used as an organic modifier and solvent in thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography, spectroscopic and polarographic analysis in recent years.
  • Notes for acetonitrile transportation operation
    This product is colorless transparent liquid; There was a slight ether odor. Acetonitrile is mainly used as a solvent. Such as the extraction of butadiene solvent, synthetic fiber solvent and some special coatings solvent. Used in the petroleum industry to remove tar from petroleum hydrocarbons.