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Chinese Glacial Acetic Acid

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  • Acetic acid's physical properties
    The crystal structure of acetic acid shows that the molecules are bound by hydrogen bonds to form dimer (also known as dimer), and the dimer also exists in the vapor state at 120 ℃.
  • Brief history of acetic acid research
    Acetic acid, also known as acetic acid, is an organic compound with chemical formula CH3COOH. It is an organic monobasic acid and is the main component of vinegar.
  • Acetic acid(GAA) production technology and technical progress(part 1)
    Throughout the history of Acetic Acid (GAA) CAS 64-19-7 industry, in 1911, the world's first industrial plant for acetaldehyde oxidation and acetic acid was built and put into operation in Germany. In 1960, the high pressure and high temperature carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid developed.