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Formic Acid CAS 64 18 6 price

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  • Formic Acid: What Is It and How Is It Used?

    Formic acid is an organic compound with a chemical formula of HCOOH and a molecular weight of 46.03. It is commonly known as formic acid and is the simplest carboxylic acid.

  • Application of Formic Acid

    ApplicationsFormic acid, commonly known as formic acid, is the simplest organic carboxylic acid. Compared with other organic acids, its molecules contain both carboxyl and aldehyde groups. Therefore, formic acid has the properties of both acid and aldehyde. As an important chemical raw material, for

  • Preparation of formic acid

    1.Background and OverviewFormic acid is the simplest organic acid, a small amount of which exists in ants and bees, so it is also called "formic acid". The molecular formula is HCOOH. It is a colorless, transparent and irritating liquid, which is easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether. With stro

  • Formic acid's physical properties

    Physical properties of formic acidIt can be freely miscible with water, ethanol, ether and glycerol, and most polar organic solvents. It also has certain solubility in hydrocarbons.

  • What should we do about formic acid leaks?

    Formic acid, its vapor and air can form explosive mixture, in case of open fire, high heat energy causes combustion explosion. A chemical reaction may occur on contact with a strong oxidant. It is highly corrosive. So, formic acid after leakage, how should we go to dispose of it?