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Methylhydrazine for sale

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  • Precautions for methyl hydrazine

    Hazard OverviewHealth hazard: Accidental inhalation of methyl hydrazine vapor may cause tearing, sneezing and coughing, followed by eye congestion, bronchospasm, dyspnea, nausea and vomiting. Burns caused by skin contact.


    WHAT ARE HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS? According to Regulations on the Safety Administration of Hazardous Chemicals.

  • Autumn traning meeting of Yuanfar International trade company

    Yuanfar held 2022 employee autumn training meetingIn order to further guide all employees to learn and inherit the spiritual connotation of China's excellent traditional culture.

  • What is 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate?

    Acrylic acid - 2-hydroxyethyl ester is an organic compound, the molecular formula is C5H8O3. Colorless liquid. Soluble in general organic solvents, miscible with water. Copolymer can be used as fiber treating agent, thermosetting coating, high bonding strength of adhesive.

  • Methylhydrazine's introduction of the operation and storage

    Methylhydrazine(MMH) or monomethyl hydrazine, is colorless liquid of rocket propellant, having a smell of ammonia.

  • Vinyl ether has active chemical reaction properties

    Vinyl ether is a colorless flammable liquid with active chemical reaction properties. Easily polymerizes in liquid or gas phases, and industrial products contain polymer inhibitors to prevent polymerization. The vapor pressure of 57.05 kPa / 20 ℃; Flash point - 45 ℃; Melting point - 115.3 ℃; Bo