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Mono methylhydrazine manufacturers

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  • Yuanfar company successfully held the 2022 year-end summary meeting
    In order to give full play to the motivating role of commendation work, and put more high morale and enthusiasm into the work. On the afternoon of January 16, the 2022 annual work summary and commendation conference was held.
  • Methylhydrazine's introduction of the operation and storage
    Methylhydrazine(MMH) or monomethyl hydrazine, is colorless liquid of rocket propellant, having a smell of ammonia.
  • Furfural is a kind of organic matter
    Furfural is a kind of organic matter, used as raw material for organic synthesis, also used in synthetic resin, varnish, pesticide, medicine, rubber and coatings; Mainly used as an industrial solvent, for the production of furfuryl alcohol, furoic acid, tetrahydrofuran, γ -valerolactone, pyrrole, t
  • Methamphetamine-methyl bromide is an organic compound
    Methamphetamine-methyl bromide is an organic compound with the structural formula CH3NH2. The boiling point is 87.8°C, and the melting point is -52°C. It can ignite spontaneously in contact with strong chlorine. Amine, and initiating monomethylamine to obtain methyl hydrolysis, and then through sepa