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best hydrated hydrazine

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  • Autumn traning meeting of Yuanfar International trade company

    Yuanfar held 2022 employee autumn training meetingIn order to further guide all employees to learn and inherit the spiritual connotation of China's excellent traditional culture.

  • Customs clearance knowledge training is open on Yuanfar company

    Customs clearance knowledge training is open on Yuanfar companyOn the afternoon of June 9th, the risk Control Department of Yuanfar Company invited Yang Ling, general manager of Shaanxi Yinghe Group Company.

  • Hydrazine hydrate of the application

    Production methods of hydrazine hydrate: There are many production methods. 1. Urea oxidation method mix 10% sodium hypochlorite solution and 30% liquid caustic soda, then cool, adjust the mixing, then cool, adjust the weight ratio of chlorine and alkali in the mixture to 1:1.8, and put it into the

  • hydrated hydrazine of the introduction

    Hydrazine monohydrate is a colorless fuming liquid, weakly alkaline, slightly odorous, and combustible. Melting point -51.7°C, boiling point 120.1°C, 47°C (3.33 kPa), relative density 1.032 (21/4°C), refractive index 1.4280. The flash point (open cup) is 73°C. When it comes into contact with metal o