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best hydrazine monohydrate

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  • Hydrazine hydrate application fields and emergency treatment

    Hydrazine hydrate, also known as hydrazine hydrate, is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of N2H4·H2O. It is a colorless, transparent fuming liquid with a light ammonia smell.

  • Widespread application of hydrazine hydrate

    Hydrazine hydrate's applicationThe downstream of hydrazine hydrate industrial chain is mainly chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, power, water treatment, aerospace and other industries.

  • Dragon Boat Festival is coming!

    Dragon Boat Festival is coming! The Dragon Boat Festival is popular in China and the Chinese culture circle of the countries of the traditional cultural festival, legend of the Warring States period chu poet Qu Yuan jumped into the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth month.

  • Hydrazine hydrate have the bad effects for environmental

    (1) Health hazards: Way of invasion: inhalation, ingestion and percutaneous absorption. Health hazard: irritation to nose and upper respiratory tract if inhaled. Dizziness, nausea and central nervous system excitement may also occur. Liquids or vapors can irritate the eyes and cause permanent da