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buy hydrazine hydrate monohydrate

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  • Hydrazine hydrate application fields and emergency treatment

    Hydrazine hydrate, also known as hydrazine hydrate, is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of N2H4·H2O. It is a colorless, transparent fuming liquid with a light ammonia smell.

  • Production method of hydrazine hydrate(part 1)

    There are four industrial production methods of hydrazine hydrate: lacey method, urea method, ketone nitrogen method and hydrogen peroxide method. At present, urea method is mainly used in China. 2.1.1 Raschig method This process, first used in industrial production in 1906, produces hydrazine.

  • Hydrazine hydrate as an major fine chemical raw material

    Hydrazine hydrate, as an important fine chemical raw material, is mainly used in the synthesis of AC, D1PA, TSH and other foaming agents. Also used as boiler and reaction kettle deoxidation and carbon dioxide cleaning treatment agent; In the pharmaceutical industry for the production of anti-tuber