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hydrated hydrazine for sale

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  • Hydrazine hydrate application fields and emergency treatment

    Hydrazine hydrate, also known as hydrazine hydrate, is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of N2H4·H2O. It is a colorless, transparent fuming liquid with a light ammonia smell.

  • Congratulations

    CongratulationsWarm congratulations to yuanfar Included in the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce key foreign trade enterprises whitelist.

  • Hydrazine hydrate of the harmful effects

    Polymorphism Hydrazine has toxicology 1. Acute toxicity: MEDIAN lethal dose (rabbit, vein) 25mg/kg, highly toxic, strongly erodes skin and impedes enzymes in the body. Acute poisoning can damage the central nervous system and, in most cases, lead to death. It mainly affects the metabolism of carb

  • Hydrazine hydrate as an important fine chemical raw material

    Hydrazine hydrate, also known as hydrazine hydrate, is a colorless and transparent oily liquid with a light ammonia smell. It smokes in humid air and has strong alkalinity and hygroscopicity. Under normal pressure, hydrazine can form an azeotrope with water (the content of hydrazine in the azeotrope