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hydrazine hydrate monohydrate for sale

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  • Introduce you to the drug dimethyl sulfoxide - part 2

    DMSO reduces inflammation through several mechanisms. Because it's an antioxidant that scour free radicals that accumulate at the site of injury, this ability was observed in laboratory animals and 150 patients with ulcerative colitis in a double-blind randomized study in Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Production method of hydrazine hydrate(part 3)

    In this method, ketone imine is generated by the reaction of butanone (methyl-ethyl ketone) and ammonia, and then oxidized to oxazizone with H2O2, and then ammoniated to methyl-ketone nitrile. The latter is hydrolyzed into hydrazine and ketone, and the unreacted ketone can be recycled after purification.

  • What is DMF wastewater treatment method?

    N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF) is an organic solvent with stable chemical properties, high boiling point and excellent performance. In addition to halogenated hydrocarbons, it can be intersoluble with water and most organic solvents at any ratio.

  • What is formic acid?

    Formic acid is an important chemical raw material first discovered by Fisher in 1670.

  • Hydrazine hydrate are still in export

    Recently,the hydrazine hydrate is shortage in the whole Chinese market, and to a certain extent caused the rise in prices, as the export of hydrazine hydrate professional company, Yuanfar chemical still has the ability to supply worldwide,the supply of hydrazine hydrate from Yuanfar chemical is gen