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Our DMF product suppliers' introduction!

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DMF CAS 68 12 2 suppliers - Yuanfarchemical

DMF (dimethylformamide) is a very wide range of chemical raw materials, but also a good solvent. Downstream mainly used in polyurethane slurry, acrylic fiber, medicine, fuel, electronics and other industries. Among them, polyurethane paste accounts for 64% of the demand, is its largest consumption area.

China is a big DMF market with many manufacturers. It is also a big exporter of DMF in the world,

Total production is expected to reach 1 million tons per year

Some important domestic manufacturers in China have cooperated with us and maintained good cooperative relations, among which the following are more famous

SHANDONG HUALU-HENGSHENG CHEMICAL CO.,LTD,With an annual production capacity of 350,000 tons of DMF, excellent quality,

Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd---LIAOCHENG LUXI METHYLAMINE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.  150,000 tons per year

Shaanxi xinghua group CO.,LTD ,It has a production capacity of 100,000 tons

Anyang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. It has a production capacity of 150,000 tons

Shandong shitaifeng fertilizer Co., Ltd.  It has a production capacity of 120,000 tons

There are also some other manufacturers,BASF-YPC Company Limited

Henan Haohua Junhua Group Co. LTD

Our company historical development

For the first time since 1899, with formic acid reaction with dimethylamine synthesis of dimethyl formamide, developed in different raw material for synthesis of dimethyl formamide process methods, such as dimethylamine carbon monoxide method, formamide dimethylamine, hydrogen cyanide acid - methanol, acetonitrile - methanol method, methyl formate - dimethylamine, chloral - dimethylamine and so on. However, dimethylamine - carbon monoxide is still the main method for industrial production abroad. 1. Methyl formate-dimethylamine method by formic acid and methanol esterification to generate methyl formate, and then with dimethylamine gas reaction to generate dimethylformamide, and then Chemicalbook by distillation to recover methanol and unreacted methyl formate after decompression distillation to get the finished product. Dimethylamine - carbon monoxide method by dimethylamine and carbon monoxide under the action of sodium methoxide, direct reaction. The reaction conditions were 1.5-2.5MPa and 110-150℃. The coarse product is rectified to produce the finished product. 3. Methyl formate is synthesized by carbonyl synthesis of carbon monoxide and methanol under high pressure and 80-100℃ temperature, and then reacts with dimethylformamide to generate dimethylformamide, and the finished product is obtained after rectification. 4 trichloroacetaldehyde method by trichloroacetaldehyde and dimethylamine reaction.

China domestic main mode of production by methanol and ammonia as raw materials, so the methanol and ammonia on the current Chinese market more influence the price of DMF, due to the downstream of DMF is used in the pulp market, so the pulp market activity also gave the DMF price impact, at present in China, the price of DMF and history is on the high side, compared with looking forward to return to smooth the price.

YUANFAR CHEMICAL have been engaged in chemical business since 2001, and has our own factories  manufacturing hydrazine product

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