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Sodium Methoxide CAS 124-41-4


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Sodium Methoxide Information

CAS NO. 124-41-4
Alias Sodium Methylate (powder/solution) (NM); Sodium Methanolate; Sodiummethoxide; Sodium Methylate
Molecular Formula CH3NaO
Appearance White Powder
Assay 98.5%Min
UN NO. 1431
HazardClass 4.2(8)
Package 100kg/iron drum

Sodium Methoxide Powder Technical Data Sheet

Sodium Methoxide
Inspection Items Specification
Appearance White Powder
Content ≥98.5%
Dissociate Alkali ≤1.0%
Na2CO3 ≤0.5%

Sodium Methoxide 124 41 4 Storage

Safe storage conditions, including any incompatibility: in approval of fire zone, and stored in the original container. Smoking is prohibited, light, high temperature or ignition source. Ban stored in tunnels, dips, basement or steam can be collected to be out of place. Keep container sealed sealed. Material should be stored away from incompatible substances in cool, dry and ventilated place. Containers to prevent physical damage, regular check leakage. Ensure the right storage control measures to prevent dangerous material storage time is too long. Comply with manufacturer's storage and disposal.

Sodium methoxide CAS 124-41-4

CAS 124 41 4 Application

Sodium methoxide is mainly used in medicine, pesticide raw materials, also used in dyes and chemical fiber industry