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Sodium methoxide is a commonly used product

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Sodium methoxide is a common chemical product, mainly made by the action of methanol and sodium hydroxide, next, let's look at the main production process of this product.  

1. Configuration of methanol lye.  The solid sodium hydroxide is broken and added to the soluble alkali pot containing methanol (99.8%) according to the proportion. The liquid alkali circulation pump is started and the temperature is controlled below 70℃ to dissolve the sodium hydroxide. When the content reaches 20% ~ 23%, the cooling temperature is reduced to 40 ℃, and the solid sodium hydroxide is driven into the precipitation tank and left for 12 hours.  

Chinese sodium methoxide powder- YuanfarChemicals

2. Preparation of sodium methoxide.  At a temperature of 85 ~ 100℃, anhydrous methanol was added to the vaporization pot at a flow rate of 180L/h. At the same time, methanol alkali was added at a flow rate of 25kg/h from the top of the reaction tower. The methanol gas containing 2% water generated by the reaction was distilled from the top of the reaction tower and entered the purification distillation tower to remove water.  To become anhydrous methanol cycle use.  Reaction tower bottom (namely vaporization pot) temperature control in 65 ~ 70℃, check tower bottom material containing sodium methoxide 27% ~ 31%, free alkali is less than 1%, obtained products, yield 86%(sodium hydroxide).  

Sodium methoxide is a commonly used product in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is also a catalyst for organic synthesis, which is widely used in pesticide production and oil processing industry.  So, what about the chemistry of the product?  

Solid sodium methoxide white amorphous flowable powder, odorless, soluble in ethanol and methanol.  

Sensitive to air and water, water quickly decomposed into methanol and sodium hydroxide, in the air above 126.6℃ decomposition.  Solid sodium methoxide, methanol solution is colorless or yellow viscous liquid, sensitive to oxygen, flammable and explosive.  Strong hygroscopicity.  Solid sodium methoxide is insoluble in benzene and toluene and has strong irritant and corrosiveness.  

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