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Tetrahydrofuran/THF CAS 109-99-9

  • 109-99-9
  • Tetrahydrofuran/THF
  • C4H8O
  • 180KG/drum, and ISO tank container
  • Colorless and Transparent Liquid
CAS NO.109-99-9
Molecular FormulaC4H8O
AppearanceColorless and Transparent Liquid
Package180KG/drum, and ISO tank container,or as you request
UN NO.2056
Technical Data Sheet

Content %: ≥99.95
Color ,Pt-Co ≤5
Water content (%) ≤0.015
Hydrogen peroxide content (%) ≤0.003
BHT content(µg/g)210+±30

Methods of tetrahydrofuran

Industrial production of the earliest sugar aldehyde as raw material, the mixture of sugar aldehyde and steam through the reactor filled with zinc - chromium - manganese metal oxide (or palladium) catalyst, carbonyl removal at 400-420℃ to form furan; Tetrahydrofuran was prepared by hydrogenation of furan at 80-120℃ using skeleton nickel as catalyst. To produce 1 ton of TETRAhydrofuran by this method, about 3 tons of polysaccharide aldehydes are consumed. Later, there are many kinds of production methods of Chemicalbook exhibition. The industrialized method has 1, 4-butanediol catalytic dehydration ring method, because butanediol is made of acetylene and formaldehyde, this method is called Reppe method; Using chloroprene monomer chlorbutadiene by-product 1, 4-dichlorobutene production of tetrahydrofuran, known as dichlorobutene method; In recent years, catalytic hydrogenation using maleic anhydride as raw material has been developed.

APPLICATION of tetrahydrofuran

1. Raw materials for synthetic reaction of spandex                                                                                                      

2. Solvent with excellent performance                                                                                                                        

3. Used as raw materials for pharmaceutical and other organic synthesis