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The Preparation Method Of 3-Methylpyridine

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3-Methylpyridine is mainly used in the preparation of niacin and nicotinamide in medicine and feed, as well as in the preparation of various products in the pesticide industry (such as diflufenacil, imidacloprid, fluazinam, chlorpyrifos, etc.). It can also be used to synthesize fragrances, dyes, daily chemicals, etc. So how is 3-methylpyridine prepared?

Preparation method is obtained by separation or synthesis of coal tar.

1. The light crude pyridine recovered from the coal gas or the heavy pyridine obtained from the coal tar is rectified with a high-efficiency emulsification tower to cut the 138-145 ℃ fraction, which is 3-picoline.

2. The 3-picoline fraction (which mainly contains 3- and 4-picoline) after the extraction of 2,6-lutidine was heated to 98°C, and 36-38% formaldehyde solution was added. Condensed at a constant temperature for 15 hours, then distilled with steam, collected the distillate before 100 °C, and dehydrated with solid sodium hydroxide. Distillation and cut 140-144 ℃ fraction, namely 3-picoline.

3. After azeotropic dehydration with benzene, add copper sulfate and water, heat to 70°C, react under stirring for 4 hours, cool to room temperature, filter with suction, wash the filter cake, and dry at 70°C to obtain copper sulfate. Additives. Then, the distillate before 50% is dehydrated with solid sodium hydroxide, and the 144°C fraction is cut by distillation, which is 3-picoline.

3-Methylpyridine is obtained by high temperature condensation reaction of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and ammonia, followed by rectification and separation, and the by-product is pyridine. From 3-methylpyridine through different methods or synthetic routes to obtain its derivatives.

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