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Trichloroethylene(TCE)/CAS 79-01-6

  • Trichloroethylene(TCE)

  • C2HCl3

  • 280KG/DRUM,22.4MT/FCL

  • Transparent liquid without suspended solids and sediments

  • 79-01-6

CAS NO.79-01-6
AliasTCE,Ethylene trichloride;
1,1,2-trichloroethylene; Chlorylene
Molecular FormulaC2HCl3
AppearanceTransparent liquid without suspended solids and sediments
UN NO.1710
Technical Data Sheet
Purity  wt% ≥99.9
Water wt%  ≤0.01
Color (Hazen)≤15
Density (g/cm3 @ 20℃)1.460-1.466
Evaporation residuewt%  ≤0.005
Free chlorineQualified

1. Cleaning agent                                                                  as a cleaning agent in metal parts and electronic components cleaning market development rapidly, mainly used in color TV, refrigerator, automobile, air conditioning, precision machinery and microelectronics and other industries, used to clean metal parts, electronic components.                                       2. Chemical intermediates At present,                                       as the consumption of chemical intermediates, the downstream products of trichloroethylene that have been industrialized in China include tetrachloroethylene, hexachloroethane, dichloroacetyl chloride, octachlorodipropyl ether, HFC-134a, etc., which are mainly driven by HFC-134a production. Due to the rapid industrialization of HChemicalbookFC-134a production in China the proportion of trichloroethylene as chemical intermediates in consumption has been greatly increased.                                    3. Other solvents and extractants,                                       whose consumption accounts for about 15% of the total consumption, are mainly used in the production of caprolactam, pesticides, medicine and other aspects. The pesticide with trichlorfon and Dimethoate as solvent is a popular pesticide variety in our country. Trichloroethylene as a medical intermediate - methoxyphthalate refining extractant, in recent years also has a great growth.
Methods of production
1. Acetylene method This method to acetylene and chlorine gas produced by calcium carbide as raw materials, carbon tetrachloride as diluent, ferric chloride as catalyst liquid phase synthesis of 1,1,2, 2-tetrachloroethane, and then add lime milk dehydrochlorination, obtain crude trichloroethylene, through crude distillation, rectification, product. Because of the high price of acetylene, most of them switch to ethylene process. Ethylene direct chlorination a mixture of tetrachloroethane and pentachloroethane obtained by direct chlorination. Trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene are prepared by gas phase cracking. 3. This method uses ethylene, oxygen (or air), chlorine gas as raw materials, through catalytic chlorination oxidation to trichloroethylene products, but also can obtain tetrachloroethylene.