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What are peak carbon and carbon neutral?

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 In 2020, China proposed for the first time that "China will enhance its nationally determined contribution, adopt more effective policies and measures, strive to peak co2 emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060".carbon neutral - YuanfarChemicals

Carbon peak introduction:

 Green economy is the trend of human development and has become the consensus of the world. At present, more and more countries are engaged in the cause of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral".The so-called "peak carbon" refers to the annual total carbon dioxide emissions reached a historical peak in a certain period, after the peak gradually decreased.

Carbon neutrality: When the carbon dioxide generated by man is offset by planting trees, energy saving and emission reduction, carbon capture and carbon sequestration within a certain period of time to achieve zero net carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutrality is also achieved.

 In this year's government work report, China will formulate an action plan to peak carbon emissions by 2030. "Some people think that since the 'peak carbon' is only in 2030, we can emit as much as possible in the next decade. That's certainly wrong." Pang Xiaobing, a professor at zhejiang University of Technology who has been developing greenhouse gas monitoring systems for many years, told reporters that the earlier the carbon peak, the lower the peak emissions, the better for achieving the long-term goal of carbon neutralitypeak carbon - YuanfarChemicals

 At present, the most important thing is to further improve China's carbon emission monitoring system research and development capacity and grid density on the basis of accurately discovering China's current carbon dioxide emissions "home".

Carbon neutral introduction:

 Concerned expert advice, to achieve "carbon neutral", the future focus on the need of energy structure and industry structure in a comprehensive adjustment, lay the foundation for development green low carbon economic and social transformation, the government should establish green low carbon development enterprise industry admittance system as soon as possible, establish green performance appraisal evaluation system, enterprises should as soon as possible to promote technical transformation and innovation, We will establish a green comprehensive performance-based financial system to achieve efficient, low-carbon and clean development.

Increasing carbon sinks is another important way to achieve carbon neutrality. Carbon sink is a relatively unknown concept, mainly through afforestation, forest management, vegetation restoration and other measures, using plant photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and fix it in vegetation and soil, so as to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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