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What is 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate?

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Acrylic acid - 2-hydroxyethyl ester is an organic compound, the molecular formula is C5H8O3. Colorless liquid. Soluble in general organic solvents, miscible with water. Copolymer can be used as fiber treating agent, thermosetting coating, high bonding strength of adhesive, heat resistance and oil resistance of rubber (such as acrylic copolymer rubber), paper, processing agent, lubricating oil additives, and acrylamide copolymer can be used as a thickener, and vinyl ether copolymer can be used as a substitute floor wax, and divinyl benzene copolymer can be used as an ion exchange resin, etc.

Use of 2 Hydroxyethyl acrylate:

The product can be copolymerized with acrylic acid and ester, acrolein, acrylonitrile, acrylamide, methyl acrylonitrile, vinyl2-Hydroxyethyl-acrylate-HEA-CAS-818-61-1-Yuanfar-Chemical chloride, styrene and many other monomers, the product can be used to treat fiber, improve fiber water resistance, solvent resistance, crease resistance and water resistance; Also used in the manufacture of excellent performance of thermosetting coatings, synthetic rubber, used as lubricating oil additives. In terms of adhesives, copolymerization with vinyl monomers can improve the bonding strength. In paper processing, acrylic emulsion used for coating can improve its water resistance and strength.

Features of 2 Hydroxyethyl acrylate:

1. Good waterproof and impermeable effect

2. High bonding strength, can be integrated with the structure

3. Strong corrosion resistance, propyl emulsion mortar can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals corrosion

4. Good resistance to high humidity, aging and freezing

5. The product is water-based and non-toxic, and meets the requirements of environmental protection

2 Hydroxyethyl acrylate application:

1. Concrete reinforcement of building structure, waterproof and plugging of civil air defense facilities

2. Reservoir dam, port seepage control treatment

3. Heat pool, landfill, chemical warehouse, chemical tank and other anti-chemical corrosion buildings

4. Concrete repair of pavement, bridge deck, tunnel and culvert

5. Anti-leakage treatment of roofing, toilet and basement of industrial and civil buildings

6. Steel structure and reinforced concrete waterproof

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