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What is Benzotrifluoride application and production?

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Benzotrifluoride (CAS 98-08-8) is an organic intermediate, which can be obtained from toluene by chlorination and fluorination. ColorlessBENZOTRIFLUORIDE manufacturers - Yuanfarchemical liquid with aromatic smell. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, etc.

The first step is to mix chlorine gas, toluene and catalyst for chlorination reaction; The chlorination reaction temperature was 60℃ and the reaction pressure was 2Mpa.
   In the second step, add hydrogen fluoride and catalyst to the nitrated mixture in the first step for fluorination reaction; Fluorination reaction temperature is 60℃, reaction pressure is 2Mpa;
  In the third step, the mixture after the fluoridation reaction in the second step is rectified to obtain .Benzotrifluoride (CAS 98-08-8).

Application of benzo trifluoride

1. Used in the manufacture of drugs, dyes, and used as vulcanizing agent, insecticide, etc.

2.  Trifluoromethyl benzene is an important intermediate in fluorine chemistry, can prepare fluoxalon, fluoxalone, pyfluoxalamine and other herbicides, is also an important intermediate in medicine. And used as vulcanizing agent and insulating oil manufacturing.

3.  Used in organic synthesis and dye, drug intermediates, vulcanizing agent, accelerator, and used in the manufacture of insulating oil. It can be used to determine the calorific value of fuel, prepare powder fire extinguishing agent, and also as a photodegradable plastic additive.

CAS 98 08 8 - Yuanfarchemical

Other uses of benzo trifluoride

China invention discloses a high weatherability fluorocarbon material manufacturing process, including step 1, carbonyl polymer compound and fluorocarbon resin mixed modification treatment; Two, 4~25% by weight of pigment, 60~80% by weight of modified fluorocarbon resin, 0.5~1% by weight of dispersant and the right amount of organic solvent are added to the high-speed dispersing kettle to stir and disperse evenly, to make the original color paste; The dispersion of the original paste for grinding, grinding to the set fineness of 5~10μ, and then packaging sealed preservation; Three, 0.05~0.1% by weight of fluorine surface treatment agent and 3~5% by weight of .Benzotrifluoride (CAS 98-08-8) were put into the disperse reaction reactor, stirred evenly, and then nano-silica powder was added and stirred evenly, and the pre-treated nano-silica powder was obtained by static precipitation; Four, the original color paste after grinding and the nano silicon powder after pretreatment are added to the dispersion container and mixed, adding an appropriate amount of leveling agent, catalytic catalyst, brightness regulator, disperse to obtain high weather resistance fluorocarbon materials. It can greatly improve the uv resistance and surface compactness hardness of its products, as well as the adhesive strength of coating and substrate.

Benzotrifluoride (CAS 98-08-8) is used to prepare m-amino Benzotrifluoride  as follows:
The first step is to mix Benzotrifluoride , sulfuric acid and nitric acid for nitrification reaction; In the second step, the nitration reaction products in the first step were washed with water. In the third step, the products washed in the second step are rectified; M-nitroBenzotrifluoride (98-08-8) was obtained; The fourth step, add hydrogen, solvent and catalyst to nitro Benzotrifluoride  for reduction reaction; In the fifth step, the solvent after the reduction reaction in the fourth step is recovered and put to use; The sixth step, the solvent recovered in the fifth step for rectification; Get the finished product; In the seventh step, the finished product obtained in the sixth step was packaged to obtain m-amino-Benzotrifluoride

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