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What is triethyl orthoformate?

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Triethyl orthoformate, also known as triethoxy methane, 1, 1, '1', 'three methyl 3 (oxygen) (time) ethane, it is a kind of organicTriethyl orthoformate price - Yuanfarchemicals matter, the chemical formula for C7H16O3, excitant odour liquid, melt the boiling point is not high, miscibility with ethanol, ether, slightly soluble in water, it is mainly used for used for the preparation of antimalarial chloroquine and piperaquine and photographic pharmaceutical raw materials, photographic materials, It is also used in the synthesis of cyanine and cyanine dyes.

Properties and stability of triethyl orthoformate:

1. Very sensitive to water vapor, flammable, has a strong volatile and pungent smell, should be used in fume hood.

2. Stability

3. Forbidden ligand strong oxidant, water, strong acid

4. Avoid contact with humid air

5. Polymerization harm is not polymerization

Use of triethyl orthoformate:

1. Triethyl orthoformate is the alkylation reagent and formylation reagent commonly used in chemical laboratory. They are easy to store, but highly reactive. They can be used as alkylation reagents, which can easily transfer alkyl groups to various alcohol hydroxyl groups. As formylation reagent, it can be used in acidic or alkaline conditions.

Alkylation with alcohols Triethyl orthoformate as an alkylation reagent can make various alcohols undergo corresponding alkylation reactions. Polyols can be alkylated to form cyclic orthoformates.

Protective formates of aldehydes or ketones can be used to protect aldehydes and ketones, yielding formates and corresponding acetals or ketones.

Formylation reaction catalyzed by Lewis acid, orthoformate can be used as formylation reagent. Compared with other formylation reagents, it has the characteristics of simple operation and higher yield. Under the catalysis of acid, orthoformate is easy to form dialkoxy carbocation in situ, which can be directly used in formylation reaction. Such formylation can occur at α -c in the ortho-carbonyl position.

Reaction with enol (or analogues) The silyl ether of the enol or the enol salt of the ketone can react with the carboxyl ions formed in situ by the orthoformate to form β -uronic ketones.

2. Used in organic synthesis and as pharmaceutical intermediates and photosensitive materials.

Triethyl orthoformate is the intermediate of the acaricide dimethylamidine and the herbicide pyrazosulfuron, and can also be used in the production of antimalarial drugs such as chloroquine and quinpiperamide.

Pharmaceutical raw materials, is antimalarial drugs such as chloroquine and quinpipera synthetic raw materials. Also used in the production of polymers, photographic drugs, photographic materials, anti-halo dyes, cyanine dyes and synthetic pesticides.

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