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"White Moonlight" Acetonitrile ACN Cas 75-05-8

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"White Moonlight" Acetonitrile ACN

1.Can dissolve, dissolve the world insoluble things

It is a colorless transparent liquid at room temperature and pressure. It is highly volatile and has excellent solvent properties. It can dissolve a variety of organic, inorganic and gaseous substances, and is infinitely soluble with water and alcohol. As a kind of widely used organic chemical raw materials, acetonitrile with its own strength, has its own "representative work" in some fields. Acetonitrile, however, is not a "mother-winning" compound. In the 1960s and 1970s, acetonitrile, as a byproduct of acrylonitrile, was once considered a "waste" that was burned or released directly into the environment.

With the development of science and technology, people continue to improve acetonitrile purification, refining process, acetonitrile quality has been greatly improved, the demand continues to increase. Today, acetonitrile is mainly used as a solvent, such as an extractant for the extraction of butadiene and isoprene. In addition, it is also widely used as organic synthesis, medicine, pesticides, surfactants, dyes and other fine chemicals synthesis raw materials, as well as thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography, spectroscopy, polarography and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) mobile phase solvents.

2.Analysis of the essential artifacts of apes

You may not have heard of acetonitrile, but! There is no ape that does not know acetonitrile. As one of the most used chromatographic reagents, acetonitrile is as indispensable and precious as "white moonlight" in laboratory reagents. (It's expensive, after all)

Why is it popular? Acetonitrile has unique properties that distinguish it from other chromatographic reagents: medium elution,ACN CAS 75 05 8 suppliers - YuanfarChemicals strong solubility, clear chromatographic peaks, low viscosity, and low UV absorption relative to alcohols and esters.
However, as we said above, acetonitrile is only one of the most used chromatographic reagents, and it has a competitor in the lab - methanol. Methanol elution strength is similar to acetonitrile, UV absorption is lower than other solvents, and the price is much cheaper than acetonitrile. The main disadvantage of methanol is the high back pressure due to its high viscosity, especially when using small particle size HPLC columns. In short, acetonitrile and methanol have their own advantages and disadvantages, and should be selected according to experimental requirements.

What does chromatography do?

Used for the separation and analysis of various fields of chemical substances, such as life science, food, environment, petrochemical, etc., according to the properties of the substance to be tested to select different chromatography technology.

In recent years, the rapid development of the chromatographic reagent market has been driven by the increasing certification of drug excipients by new international cGMP and cGDP, attention to food safety issues and the increasing importance of chromatographic reagent testing in the drug approval process.
Especially recently, the hot summer approaching, all kinds of whitening lemonade and health tea to drink, however! There is such a saying on the Internet: "taking lemons to soak in water is equivalent to drinking pesticides", "the agricultural residues of tea seriously exceed the standard". What is the truth? That's where acetonitrile comes in! Agricultural residues were detected by gas chromatography and extracted by acetonitrile from crushed lemon/tea samples.

3.A good helper for the angels in white

It is not only a necessary artifact for analyzing apes, but also a good helper for angels in white.
In terms of the global acetonitrile consumption structure, the pharmaceutical industry accounts for the largest proportion, acetonitrile can be used as intermediates in medicine and synthetic flavors. In the field of nuclear medicine, acetonitrile is used to synthesize positron radioactive drugs such as fluorodeoxyglucose. Can be used for the synthesis of vitamin A, cortisone, carbon amine drugs and their intermediates solvent, but also for the production of vitamin B1 and amino acid active medium solvent.
Recently, with the development of biosynthesis technology, especially the wide application of DNA/RNA synthesis technology, anhydrous acetonitrile has been used as a solvent for DNA/RNA synthesis/purification.

Conventional preparation route of high purity acetonitrile solvent

At present, high purity acetonitrile is dominated by LCMS grade and HPLC grade solvents. Anhydrite grade is mostly used in the field of medicine and research and development. In addition to DNA/RNA synthesis/purification solvent, it is also used in organic EL material synthesis solvent, cleaning solvent of electronic components, etc. These new application fields have high requirements on the purity of acetonitrile.

4.It doesn't have light, but it can generate light

In the field of new energy, acetonitrile can be used as a raw material for electrolytes to produce double-layer capacitors (known as supercapacitors) or lithium-ion batteries. At present, in China, new energy vehicles increasingly attracting consumers' attention are powered by ultracapacitors. Ultracapacitors are needed in lithium ion batteries of mobile phones, memory systems of computers, flashlights of cameras and backup storage power of audio equipment.
Acetonitrile is stable to the positive electrode and has good ionic conductivity, but it is not stable with lithium. High concentration of acetonitrile electrolyte added with vinyl carbonate (VC) to inhibit the consumption of lithium, achieving high load positive electrode stability and good fast charging performance.

5. It's White Moonlight. It could be Bone Nitrile.

The "nitrile Girl" can be white moonlight, or the deadly "bone nitrile." As we mentioned earlier, acetonitrile, while transparent, aromatic and "soluble", is also grumpy. Acetonitrile is medium toxic, can be inhaled, ingested, absorbed through the skin, production and use personnel need to do a good job of protection.

Acetonitrile use protection

Respiratory protection

A filter respirator (full hood), self-contained or ventilated respirator must be worn when possible exposure to toxic substances. Emergency rescue or evacuation, wear air breathing apparatus.

Eye protection

Respiratory protection has been made.

The body protection

Wear tape proof clothing.

Hand protection

Wear rubber oil-resistant gloves.

Production protection of acetonitrile

Do a good job of respiratory protection, wear a respirator; Do hand protection, wear rubber gloves; Wear good work clothes;

Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace;

After work, clean thoroughly;

Separate storage of contaminated work clothes, wash backup use;

Workshop should be equipped with first aid equipment and medicine, so as to avoid accidental injury.

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