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Yuanfar has successfully passed the AEO advanced certification!

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Yuanfar has successfully passed the AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) advanced certification (the highest level of customs credit) issued by the General Administration of Customs On October 26, 2021.

AEO,Authorized Economic Operator: defined in the Standard Framework for Global Trade Security and Facilitation developed by the WorldYuanfarchemical certificate 1 Customs Organization (WCO) as: "In any way participate in the international circulation of goods, and customs authorities recognized the world customs organization or equivalent supply chain security standard, including producers, importers, exporters, customs broker, shippers, tally, middlemen, port and airport operator, warehousing, cargo terminal operators, operators and distributors"

The World Customs Organization (WCO), through the establishment of cooperative relations between customs and enterprises, provides qualified enterprises with customs clearance facilitation measures of their own countries and mutual recognition countries, shares law-abiding and security responsibilities, and ensures supply chain safety and trade facilitation

Historical origin: The outbreak of the 9/11 incident triggered the definition and requirements of the duties of the US Customs (Border Trade Protection Bureau), which needed to protect economic security in the context of economic globalization, and to safeguard trade security (anti-terrorism security/supply chain security) in the context of preventing terrorist attacks from disrupting international trade. Thus, in November 2001, CBP launched C-TPAT certification (" Customs-Business Partnership against Terrorism program ") and received strong support from the leading enterprises in the United States. The program was officially implemented on April 16, 2002. Countries around the world also make their own anti-terrorism plans with reference to the United States for anti-terrorism plans. In this context, the World Customs Organization proposed a unified box of anti-terrorism plans. AEO was born.

In June 2005, the 105/106 WCO Board meeting adopted the management system for achieving SAFE and convenient trade in the Framework of Standards for Global Trade Security and Facilitation (SAFE), and AEO certification system appeared for the first time as an annex.

The General Administration of Customs of The People's Republic of China announced no. 81 in 2014 that the former AA class enterprises shall transition to senior certification enterprises and A class enterprises shall transition to general certification enterprises. Class B enterprises transition to general credit enterprises. Effective from December 1, 2014.

General certification enterprises apply the following management principles and measures:

(1) Low inspection rate of import and export goods;

(2) Simplify the examination and verification of documents for import and export goods;

(3) giving priority to customs clearance procedures for import and export goods;

(4) other management principles and measures stipulated by the Customs General Administration.

The management measures for senior certification enterprises are better than those for general certification enterprises. In addition to the management principles and measures for general certification enterprises, the following management measures are also applicable:

(1) Go through the formalities of examination and release before determining the commodity classification, customs valuation and place of origin of the import and export goods or completing other customs formalities;

(2) The Customs shall establish coordinators for the enterprises;

(3) For enterprises engaged in processing trade, the bank deposit book system shall not be implemented;

(4) Customs clearance facilitation measures provided by national or regional customs for mutual recognition of AEO.

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