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  • Daminozide is a succinic acid plant growth regulator

    Daminozide is a succinic acid plant growth regulator, which can delay the senescence of leaf lettuce and inhibit the decay and discoloration of mushrooms, but has less effect on cauliflower and asparagus asparagus. Daminozide can preserve chlorophyll in plants and prolong the life of some perishabl

  • Central Chinese province swamped after heaviest rain in 1,000 years

    Large swathes of China's central Henan province were under water on Wednesday, with its capital Zhengzhou hardest-hit after being drenched by what weather watchers said was the heaviest rain in 1,000 years.In Zhengzhou, a city of over 12 million on the banks of the Yellow River, 12 people died in a

  • South Africa riots! Biggest refinery declares force majeure

    标题:South Africa riots! Biggest refinery declares force majeure! The largest port shutdownAccording to news reports, after the arrest and imprisonment of former President Zuma, his supporters have launched protests in KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng provinces and other places; The protests quickly turned int

  • Methamphetamine-methyl bromide is an organic compound

    Methamphetamine-methyl bromide is an organic compound with the structural formula CH3NH2. The boiling point is 87.8°C, and the melting point is -52°C. It can ignite spontaneously in contact with strong chlorine. Amine, and initiating monomethylamine to obtain methyl hydrolysis, and then through sepa

  • Pure salicylic acid of the properties

    Physical properties of pure salicylic acid Appearance and properties: white needle-like crystals or hairy crystalline powder. Solubility: Easily soluble in ethanol, ethylene, dilute chlorine, slightly water, and dissolves in boiling water. Melting point: 159°C Boiling point: 211℃, sublimation at 76℃

  • Sodium borohydride of the basic introduction

    Boron sodium salt is an inorganic chemical formula NaBH4, to off-white fine particle powder or white powder, strong hygroscopicity, its aqueous solution is yellow, and it is the most commonly used reducing agent. , Amines. Easily salted, finely packaged, and tetrahydrogen scattered. It does not belo

  • hydrazine hydrate of the application

    Production methods of hydrazine hydrate: There are many production methods. 1. Urea oxidation method mix 10% sodium hypochlorite solution and 30% liquid caustic soda, then cool, adjust the mixing, then cool, adjust the weight ratio of chlorine and alkali in the mixture to 1:1.8, and put it into the

  • hydrated hydrazine of the introduction

    Hydrazine monohydrate is a colorless fuming liquid, weakly alkaline, slightly odorous, and combustible. Melting point -51.7°C, boiling point 120.1°C, 47°C (3.33 kPa), relative density 1.032 (21/4°C), refractive index 1.4280. The flash point (open cup) is 73°C. When it comes into contact with metal o

  • Tris hydroxy aminomethane

    Tris hydroxy aminomethane production method First dissolve Tris with a small amount of double-distilled water (300~500ml), add HCl, adjust the pH to 7.6 with HCl (1N) or NaOH (1N), and finally add double-distilled water to 1000ml. This solution is a stock solution, stored in a refrigerator at 4°C. N

  • rocket propellant ---hydrazine monohydrate of the product desccription

    Energy is the most essential cause that drives all things. Whether it is the driving of the ground car or the flying of the rocket/aircraft, it is simply a process of obtaining kinetic energy in the form of some energy conversion! The engine of a car simply uses the energy generated by rotation to d

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